What is iQuote Xpress?

iQuote Xpress is a web-based SaaS application which enables businesses to automate their sales estimating process using the latest internet technology. Sales personnel is able to easily and quickly generate sales proposals which are more detailed, accurate and include product marketing information. iQuote Xpress users enjoy an enhanced image as professional communication is consistently delivered to the customer.

Management has more tools at their disposal as iQuote Xpress provides online access to proposal, sales reporting and forecasting information. Sales managers eliminate the time spent chasing information they require to be more effective leaders.

The iQuote Xpress system allows contact and proposal information to be securely stored online. This information can only be removed by those who have been granted access so if there is a change in territories or account assignments; an organization does not have to “recreate the wheel”.

With iQuote Xpress, Sales Executives are able to reduce the time spent in the office researching and writing lengthy quotes and spend more time in front of prospects delivering professional sales presentations. Businesses gain a significant, competitive advantage with iQuote Xpress which translates to an increase in orders and productivity.

The iQuoteXpress Value Proposition

In their ongoing search for the best, most efficient productivity tools, sales executives today have discovered the importance of streamlining the sales proposal process and the value of quickly delivering a dramatic sales proposal to their prospects and customers. iQuoteXpress is specifically designed for sales teams who wish to build accurate, professional, complete proposals in a minimum amount of time with the greatest convenience. Whether used independently or connected with other software, iQuoteXpress is customized to each client’s proposal needs and objectives. Not just an off-the-shelf quotation builder, the iQuoteXpress difference is a robust solution which includes: secure account and proposal databases; multiple displays of product/service catalogs with images and descriptions; intuitive functionality with or without complex configurations; full search tools for retrieval of information; plus a support team with superior service for design, development, data loading and catalog/system management.