Users of iQuoteXpress quoting software benefit from our proposal system that markedly improves efficiency. Studies show that our proposal automation software reduces the time it takes to construct a proposal by up to 75% and assists companies in securing orders by providing a truly professional document that is Proposal Features organized, detailed and consistent.

A salesperson can easily create proposals by selecting items from an e-catalog specifically designed and maintained for every iQuoteXpress customer. Product pictures, research documents and marketing support material are included in the e-catalog and may be quickly added to any proposal by dropping an item into a shopping cart.

Through proposal automation software, even your newest sales agents will be able to deliver the same quality proposals as your most experienced representatives. Most importantly, all b2b sales personnel are able to dedicate their focus toward securing business rather than preparing sales documents through our quoting software.


Our proposal automation software includes such features as:
Generated Proposal

  • Custom design templates
  • Probability
  • Sections
  • Tax management
  • Discount administration
  • Product search engine
  • Quote approval system
  • Print options
  • Sales Enablement