CPQ pricing

Get a custom proposal builder at a custom price

Where some CPQ software and CRM solutions require you to pay for a dozen or more licenses just to get started, iQuoteXpress (IQX) starts with as few as three users, making us the ideal fit for companies of all sizes. Whether you have three or 300 users, we'll provide a solution that makes sense and saves dollars.


Pricing is simple and predictable

As a SaaS offering, IQX offers a simple, per-user pricing model with a one-time set-up fee.

Discounts are available for two- and three-year commitments, and we gladly offer proof-of-concept trials to any customer.

Each license includes complete access to the broad range of features IQX delivers:

  • Proposal approval workflow w/ email notifications
  • Activity, performance and forecasting report tools
  • Personalized training
  • And so much more.
  • Unlimited proposal generation
  • Live telephone and email support
  • Document resource library
  • Email client for proposal delivery
  • E-signature enablement


Do the math

Your proposal solution should not be a capital expense, but an investment that delivers a return (use our ROI Calculator below to see how quickly your solution will pay for itself).

We will assist you

Whether you’re an SMB with only a few employees on-site or a global company with hundreds of staff all over the world, you will enjoy the same level of personalized support.


How much could you be saving?