Build The Best Proposal.

Improve Sales Team Productivity.

Streamline The Critical Quotation Process.


“Lead management and Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) are the hottest
technologies that sales are relying on in 2015” – Forbes, April, 2015

Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) software technology delivers enduring value and measurable improvements in sales effectiveness with increased deal-size, scalable accuracy and Cloud convenience. “Management of proposal, by proposal” has become the strategic mission for sales teams today.

In their ongoing search for the best, most efficient productivity tools, sales executives have discovered the importance of streamlining the sales proposal process and the value of quickly delivering a dramatic sales proposal to their prospects and customers. iQuoteXpress is specifically designed for sales teams who wish to build accurate, professional, complete proposals in a minimum amount of time with the greatest convenience. Whether used independently or connected with other software, iQuoteXpress is customized to each client’s unique proposal needs and objectives.

Not just a quotation builder, the iQuoteXpress difference is a robust solution which includes:

  • Secure account and proposal databases
  • Multiple displays of product/service catalogs with images and descriptions
  • Intuitive functionality with or without configuration tools
  • Contact/lead management system on-board
  • Full search tools for retrieval of information
  • Plus a support team with superior service for design, development, data loading and catalog/system management.

iQuoteXpress – Sales Quoting Simplified


Delivering Value With Results

  • Salesforce


Our client support team customizes your iQuoteXpress platform to your specifications. Your catalog of products/service and your resource library is loaded. Proposal templates are designed and your team is fully trained.


You can begin delivering proposals to any of your accounts fast. Our image oriented catalog is easily navigated and intuitively built.

  • Start Quoting
  • Track Your Leads

STEP 3: track your leads

Add or import leads. Then qualify and convert leads into accounts and contacts to start quoting fast! Track and receive alerts for you activities, events and tasks assigned to leads or accounts within our calendar tool.

STEP 4: monitor and manage

Monitor activities, accounts and contacts. Manage your product or services catalogs, reports, complete proposal history, and your library of support documents and marketing materials.

  • Start Quoting
  • Track Your Leads

STEP 5: close more deals

The company with the best proposal wins!

How it works with your team

  • Reduce up to 75% of time spent creating proposals
  • Increase Production
  • More time to spend with customers
  • Use as an Educational Tool
  • Integrate with popular bookkeeping software to create a quote-to-cash CPQ
  • Synchronize incoming orders/service contracts for appropriate billing
  • Improve transparency by monitoring sales performance
  • Cut sales training costs
  • Collaborate with sales team
  • Ensure the sales team has up-to-date catalogs, brochures & other documents
  • Curate online catalog when products are updated

Important Sales Research Statistics You Should Know

75% of company sales quotations contain only price and term information

Including a single graphic with text increases the persuasiveness of a proposal by 47%

Over 30 hours per month is used by the average sales agent researching and writing proposals

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