Quote & proposal generator that gets results

Founded by three salespeople…

iQuoteXpress came online in 2009 with a simple mission: make the quoting and proposal process as streamlined and as effective as possible. From day one, the way we chose to realize this mission – and stand apart from other CPQ and CRM solutions – was through personalized support every step of the way.

As salespeople ourselves, we knew salespeople needed the best tech the market had to offer, but we also knew that salespeople rarely, if ever, have the bandwidth to deploy and learn new tech from top to bottom.

Which is why we developed iQuoteXpress to be a service as much as a software – a robust, cloud-based proposal solution accompanied by personalized support to help each unique customer use it to its fullest.



Why the focus on proposals?

The proposal is easily the most critical component in closing new business, and for many companies, the process for creating, sending, and tracking proposals depends on the individual salesperson doing the creating, sending, and tracking.



Everyone from your latest hire to your VP will be able to easily and quickly generate sales proposals that build up your brand, include more robust detail, are more accurate and unified, and are easily tracked from the first call to the last signature. 

And iQuoteXpress is a flexible platform that may be used as a standalone solution or easily integrated with CRMs and business automation tools such as Salesforce (you can find us in the AppExchange).

Our clients include software developers and distributors, a wide variety of manufacturers, and many service organizations. All have discovered more than just a complete sales proposal system; they have found iQuoteXpress to be a valuable productivity tool which has led to increased revenues and helped them create a culture of sales success.


You’ve learned a little about us. 

We’d like to learn a little about you, too. 

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