Headquartered in Bettendorf, Iowa, Bee Line is the leading manufacturer and distributor of heavy duty truck wheel alignment and frame correction systems. It serves fleets, independent repair shops, dealerships, truck stops and OEMs.


With its stated strategy of “flexibility, [and] emphasizing technological developments and problem-solving to meet ever-changing market conditions,” Bee Line proved to be an ideal fit for iQuoteXpress (IQX) in both its mission and its business needs.

Bee Line’s Director of Sales & Marketing Tricia Kane hailed IQX as “a true improvement… that pays big dividends.”

Where Bee Line used to be: a lack of visibility, impossible updates

With 15 sales reps using locally installed solutions for every quote, Bee Line was finding it hard to keep systems and people on the same page. And as it was in a competitive space where the winner is often the vendor who gets there first, Bee Line knew it had to consolidate and streamline its sales proposal processes.

“We had no central collection of data or open quotes.  We needed to increase the visibility we had to our rep’s activity and contact database,” said Kane. “We struggled with sending pricing and product updates to every individual and then having to assist them via phone to do the update/install.”

Seeking a strategic fit in the cloud

It was time for a change. Bee Line’s leadership team wanted a partner that could both solve its business challenges and that understood its market. With problem-solving software (a strategic fit), and an existing client base in supply chain management and shipping, IQX was ideal.

“We were very interested in a cloud-based solution,” said Kane, adding that IQX — as a cloud based solution — meant that updates would be both easier for reps and faster as they’d be “virtually instant or on-demand.”

Centralized pricing, consolidated contacts, customizable quotes

Since deploying IQX, Kane said that “the look of our quotes has improved dramatically” and that the sales team is able to “quote the way they want to quote (i.e., edit discount levels, edit descriptions, build systems, etc.)... [they] turned this software into a real workhorse.”

Additionally the consolidated contact database and centralized administration make it easy to assign and/or switch territories when new reps come on board.  “The switchover literally takes less than two minutes,” said Kane, adding that this flexibility means Bee Line “does not lose sight of future sales/open opportunities when a rep leaves.”

Supporting and reporting

IQX’s sales analytics and reporting tools make it easy to for Bee Line both to support reps and enable more reliable forecasting.

“The ability to look at a quote at the same time as a rep in order to aid them in quoting the correct system components is a big bonus,” said Kane. “Since we are looking at real-time data, we’ve been able to not only help them out, but provide guided product training more effectively.”

Kane added, “The visibility that we have gained of the rep quoting activity makes this system key to our future success — in aiding to close a sale, to better forecasting and production planning, to growing a good working marketing database — a true improvement to our past.”

Final words from a satisfied customer

When asked if she had any words for anyone considering IQX, Ms. Kane said this: “[IQX] is a support-oriented company, and affordable. The team at iQuoteXpress is available to assist in any way you need. Trust the experts!”

“Bee” the next Bee Line: contact IQX today.