What CVI Laser Optics does isn’t simple.

An IDEX Corporation-affiliated company, CVI “specializes in the design and manufacture of high performance optical components for use in lasers, laser beam conditioning, and laser beam delivery… and creates optical assemblies and subsystems for volume OEM applications in science and industry.”

And — like most companies in the highly customizable, enterprise-level, high-tech engineering marketplace — that usually means that selling what they do isn’t that simple either.

But when CVI partnered with iQuoteXpress (IQX) for its configure, price, quote (CPQ) solution, they found success in sales proposals to be an easy undertaking.

Reps all over the world can mean quotes all over the place

It’s not just the tech that can make sales complicated for a company like CVI. With headquarters in Albuquerque, NM, and sales reps in dozens of countries, the global nature of its business can also create challenges.

Because while it’s natural and necessary that the sales reps at CVI’s headquarters and in its myriad locations speak different languages, their sales quotes needed to be presented in the same terms. And while they had a system in place, it was falling short.

“We were paying for software that no one was using because it was not set up properly,” says CVI Project Manager, Julianna Farresta (highlighting a challenge so many businesses face: no in-house expertise in deployment and management of sales enablement technology).

“So everyone was using a different method — like Word or Excel — to get quotes out.”

Time to streamline: a search uncovers IQX

Regardless of what continent, what time zone, or by whom the quotes were sent, CVI knew it needed all reps to use the same methods, the same format, and — ideally — the same solution to send quotes. They searched the web and found IQX on a site comparing and contrasting the top 10 quoting tools.

After evaluating the competition, they chose IQX. They narrowed the field by focusing on the three critical factors most companies look for in a business technology provider: ease of use, customer service/support, and cost. IQX proved tough to beat in all three.

Laser-fast results in their proposal processes

After deploying IQX across 12 seats, the CVI team enjoyed immediate success across their entire sales proposal process.

“Now, all our quotes are in the same place, sales people are able to share info, quotes can be edited by others, we get a quick review of quote status for reports, and have an easy, repeatable quote process,” says Julianna.

IQX has delivered more consistency in quotes as well, which is critical for a company with a sophisticated product line of extensive breadth and depth.

So if a rep in office A is quoting a client for “high energy continuously variable beamsplitters” and a rep in office B is quoting another client for “quartz rotators to easily rotate the linear polarization of a beam,” their leads might be interested in very different products, but their quotes will be speaking the same language.

Service is the difference maker (again)

IQX touts its customer service as one of the best in the CPQ space, and CVI found that to be absolutely true. Not only was it a difference maker up front when CVI was selecting a partner, it was a difference maker throughout.

“Customer service and attention to our requests had been the best,” says Julianna.

No matter what line of business you’re in, the tech has to impress and the price has to be right. But in the end, it’s all about the people and the service they provide.

Learn more about getting IQX deployed in your business. Enjoy the benefits of a sales proposal automation solution with service and support like no other.