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IQX now offers a custom integration with Microsoft Dynamics. A single sign-on solution, Dynamics with IQX ensures sales quotes and proposals can be created, sent, tracked, and optimized within your Microsoft CRM.

For Dynamics users who create and send sales quotes, it’s practically a no-brainer as IQX can help them save as much as 70% on processing times and costs.



Help your CRM customers get more from their system by giving them the ability to automate sales proposals for less.


Custom quotes quickly

IQX empowers users to create custom, branded proposal templates targeted to the vertical market needs of each prospect, and add the latest products and most accurate pricing with a couple of clicks.


Single sign-on simplicity

A single sign-on integration means CPQ efficiencies easily become part of the everyday selling process: Dynamics users can send more quotes in less time, without “leaving” their CRM.


Top-to-bottom tracking

Tracking tools enable a deep dive into the most critical part of the sales cycle, tracking every interaction a rep or prospect has with an active sales proposal, from inception to completion.


And every CPQ seat means more additional licenses with each CRM install. Extremely flexible pricing (IQX can start at just three seats) gives you room to move with most every customer you have.



Not only will IQX help you further support existing customers, but adding it to your portfolio can also help you grow your customer base.


Everyone “gets” quotes

Even if prospects don’t fully understand the complete value proposition of implementing CRM, they understand what it means to send more proposals more quickly.


Everyone brand-builds

While prospects will immediately see how IQX’s templated approach improves throughput, they might not see how each proposal reflects and furthers their brand — ensure that they do!


Everyone likes new business

Want a customer for life? Help prospects understand how automating proposals means reps spend less time moving proposals through the system, and more time on new business.

We look forward to equipping you with a new value-add for your customers — and a new sales proposition for your reps.