What Do Proposal Management Software and the Two-Minute Drill Have in Common? (More than you think!)

Those of us who follow professional football know that we've passed the midpoint of an exciting season. Now a select few teams look poised to make a deep run into the playoffs, while others are already leaving their fans grumbling “wait ‘til next year”, or looking for new coaches.

So what separates the "contenders" from this year’s "pretenders"? Obviously, winning teams take the field with a superior game plan...they've spent enough time scouting out their opponents and developed an attack built around their own strengths.

But also the best teams frequently pull out a victory as the clock runs down, thanks to hours of practicing and perfecting their two-minute drill. In those final seconds, a focus on efficient execution are keys to a win, while mistakes—or wasted effort—can see the game slip away.

In many ways, your successful B2B sales force is comparable to a winning football team. What would you define as the "red zone"—the crucial last 20 days before the end of a quarter?

You expect your sales "quarterbacks" to throw those last-second touchdowns, position you for a winning field-goal, not get pressured into throwing the ball away or taking a costly sack. The hard numbers—on the scoreboard or on your balance sheet—will always be the final statistic.

We like to think of our CPQ software solutions as your champion sales team's two-minute drill playbook. When your company needs to nail down a sales victory in crunch time, they can either frantically rifle through their playlist for something that might work, or they can turn to iQuoteXpress as their "secret weapon" and execute a winning strategy. Here’s how:

  • Productivity. When time is of the essence, proposal management software reduces the time required to configure a quote or final proposal by up to 75 percent. You’re out of timeouts, “delay of game penalties” are unacceptable, and using the “sidelines” only goes so far before a B2B sales deadline!

  • Communication. Your proposal system provides the playbook and acts as your offensive coordinators. It’s the key to effective communication with your impact players. Cloud-based software delivers transparency among all players and ensures that every member of the team knows their real-time role and responsibilities in the proposal timeline.

  • Design. Our easily customizable proposal templates enable every member of the sales team—from inexperienced "rookies" to your all-star veterans—to craft the same top-quality, professional proposals, incorporating dynamic pricing along with product images, detailed specs, and merged documents directly from your comprehensive e-catalog.

Don't settle for a just a level playing field or ”Hail Mary”— the advantages of our CPQ solution can tip the odds of success in your favor. Can iQuoteXpress give your company’s sales team the winning edge? Contact us to find out more.