Show products at their best in cloud catalogs

Imagine the perfect library. It has a huge number of books, of course, so many that you can always find the one you want. But it also has a lot of different kinds of books, so that people with very different needs can find what they want. And one more thing: it is logically organized so that similar books are grouped together. A library arranged without any rhyme or reason will be almost useless to readers.

Putting together a great collection of anything is only half the struggle—organization is the other half. The same is true for your business and its online sales. No matter how great the products and services you offer, they need to be well and intuitively organized to speed productivity and maximize sales. Using a cloud catalog helps you quickly connect the right prospect to the right product.

e catalog software quickly connects

A well-organized cloud catalog increases sales

Just as a well-organized library shelves history books with other history books, a cloud catalog presents similar products together. Running shoes will be placed with running shoes, pumps stick together, etc. You get the idea.

This kind of organization offers at least two advantages for your sales process. First, a cloud catalog's intuitive ordering makes it easy and efficient for you to help a prospect to narrow in on exactly the right product or service for them. Improving customer experience will help increase sales.

And second, using a dynamic cloud catalog can help you drive more revenue by placing products commonly purchased together side by side in the catalog—even a first-time salesperson will be able to recognize and present your most compelling upsells. Just as a well-organized library can help readers find books they didn't know they wanted, so too can a well-organized cloud catalog help your sales team (quickly) find what they didn't know a prospect wanted.

e catalog software extends brand

A well-designed cloud catalog extends your brand

Presentation matters. The way you present your products in your proposals will help form each prospect's first impression, and it’s essential that that presentation begin in your catalog.

A cloud catalog, built with the right images and descriptions, makes it easy for any sales person to present your products at their best, ensuring brand integrity in every proposal you send. It can be quickly and easily revised to reflect changes in cost, helping ensure that your catalog always and quickly accurately represents your business. Finally, it can be dynamically arranged and rearranged based on what’s selling best, helping ensure that you’re always putting your best foot forward.

So if you have a great product, it deserves a great presentation—no matter who’s presenting it, and it all starts with a catalog in the cloud.