Treat your prospect to a first-class experience

The journey matters—just ask anyone who's spent a long train ride in coach tossing and turning all night. You know they'd rather have been resting comfortably in first class.

So regardless of where you're going, how you get there matters–the same holds also true for sales. The journey your prospect takes to find the product they want will help determine whether or not they decide to buy it.

A good proposal system doesn't just get a prospect to the right product—it gets them there “in style.” Sales quoting software with product configuration gets your prospect to the right product in first class comfort.

sales quoting software first class

Making the journey to the product comfortable

Without product configuration, a prospect's journey through your pitch can quickly become miserable--a toss and turn trip in coach, rather than a relaxing journey in first class.

If there are too many similar products listed together, none of which your prospect actually wants, some prospects will give up before finding the product that is right for them. Others will be so annoyed by the time they do find the right product that they won't buy it.

Product configuration helps you convert by making your prospect's journey to the desired product both quick and comfortable.

Product configuration groups similar items together, making it easier for a prospect to narrow in on what's right for them. Then, once they've found what they're looking for, the software also makes it easy for a prospect to customize the product in the ways that suit their needs. For a comfortable journey between your prospect and a sale, proper product configuration is the vehicle.

sales quoting software fast journey

Shorten your prospect's journey to the right product

Of course, comfort isn't the only important part of a journey—how fast you get to your destination matters, too.

No matter how luxurious your first class seat, enough unnecessary delays will make for a miserable trip. Fortunately, with product configuration you can make sure your prospect's journey to the right product is a speedy one.

Product configuration streamlines sales by helping your team be more responsive to your prospect's needs, automatically matching products and services to industries and business challenges. Further, product configuration software can help your salespeople compute complex components of a proposal, decreasing the time it takes to convert.

In short, product configuration shortens and improves a prospect's journey to the right product. And that makes everybody happy.