How quoting tools turn good sales team into great ones

So hopefully by this point you're feeling like a real master of the proposal—you've got the CPQ software fully integrated into your business, you know your quoting tool inside and out and how to make a beautiful proposal with it, and you're ready to guide a prospect through the sometimes torturous conversion process. Pat you and your team on the back!

But being a master of proposals and a closer doesn't mean you’re done. While closing may seem like the end all and be all of your business, converting a prospect is actually the bare minimum of what you want to achieve.

Just as essential is turning a new client into a long-term client and continuing to improve at all stages in the sales process—no matter how good you are, you can keep improving. We offer the tools you need to do both.

Quote building tips 1

1. Turn a new client into a long-term client.

The moment you have a new client is hardly the time to disappear—just the opposite, in fact. When the client agrees to sign, they are signaling that they're ready to embark on a new partnership with you. You want to meet them more than halfway.

The right solution can make it easier to start that relationship in the right direction. CRM software can automate your process of following-up with a new client, thereby making sure that no important communication falls through the cracks. Relationships with missed communications don’t last, if they ever even begin!

You can also customize your quoting tools to meet the needs of your particular business. If it's important that you check in with a client after delivering a certain part of the proposal, you can schedule it into every proposal you send.

Regardless of your business's needs, proposal automation software can help ensure that your client's needs are met as well. And if their needs keep being met, they will keep them coming back for your services.

2. Improve the way you learn from your mistakes.

If human error can be a problem in your business's relationships with clients—and it’s unavoidable—it can be a far bigger problem internally. People can have a hard time spotting patterns or even simply knowing where they are strong and where they are weak. iQuoteXpress has the reporting tools to help spot human error in your proposal processes.

@@These tools can trace your sales process from end to end, collecting relevant data along the way.@@ You'll not only figure out where your team is excelling (and therefore know which tactics you wish to keep or double down on), you'll also find out where your team could be doing better. Either way, these tools can help you and your business convert at higher and higher rates over time.

So remember—just because you're making the right proposals you need to get sales doesn't mean it's time to get complacent. Just the opposite—keep learning new ways to get better. And with the right tools you'll learn new ways to learn to get better.

We hope you enjoyed this post. If you'd like to learn more about this topic or see IQX for yourself with a free demo, contact us.