The right sales quotation software brings power to your people

Just because you've recruited a killer sales team doesn't necessarily mean your business is going to be making killer sales right away. Like anyone else who works for a living, your team needs the right tools to do their job. And for your sales team, the right tool is sales quotation software.

But with so many different kinds of sales quote software out there, how are you to know which is the right one for you? You're looking for a quoting tool that allows your sales team to spend their time doing what they do best—making sales.

And that means @@you need software that delivers automation, accuracy, and a professional-looking proposal every time@@. Here's why.

CPQ software benefits 2

1. Sales Quotation Software automates the proposal process.

Though of course a well-written proposal is essential to the sales process, we're guessing you didn't hire your sales members for their writing ability. No, you probably hired them because they know how to make connections with prospects, they know how to convert, and they've got the instinct to Always. Be. Closing.

So @@each minute spent writing proposals is time your sales team isn't doing what it does best@@. But iQuoteXpress can help your business minimize that time with quoting tools that automate the proposal process.

Customized to match the needs of your business, these CPQ solutions can reduce the time it takes to generate a proposal by up to 75%. Saving that time not only frees up your sales team, it makes sure you get your proposal to the prospect as fast as possible. And that's power to your sales team.

2. Sales Quotation Software reduces user error.

Not to put down your killer sales team, but they're human. And the thing about humans is that they make mistakes, even when they're entering prices into their business proposals. And a mistake there can cost you big-time.

But such mistakes can be greatly reduced with the right quoting tools. Once integrated to your business systems, sales quotation software stores and provides up to the minute data to reflect current prices, making sure that each proposal accurately reflects your costs.

And the more you automate computations, the less your team has to do the math, which means better results and more time spent driving new business.

CPQ software benefits

3. Create a sharp and consistent look to your proposals.

If you've already got a killer team, they probably already know how to send out a good-looking proposal. But that doesn't mean your business won't still benefit from quoting tools.

With a tool customized to your business, you can ensure that each proposal you send out has the same overall look and feel—that is, @@your proposals can build your brand@@. No matter how good your sales team, you can only get that kind of consistency with a quoting tool.

@@Sales quotation software: it lets your sales reps spend their time selling.@@

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