Business quotation software “reps” in exercise equipment

Being fit is about repetition: typically, you have a nutrition plan you follow that repeats weekly; you have a set of reps for Monday, a different set for Tuesday, etc.; and you work out on a regular schedule. (Note that we said “typically.”)

If you’re selling in the commercial fitness market, your sales quoting process should be built on repetition as well. Whether in a hotel, school, hospital, or anywhere, fitness centers have similar product needs. I.e., when you find a bundle of exercise equipment that’s popular in one hotel, it’s sure to be popular in another.

No matter what you sell, your business quotation software ensures you know @@how to build a winning proposal process that’s repeatable throughout a sales department.@@

Comm. exercise equipment

Repeatable processes are central to sales success

Repeatable processes are central to sales success (see what we did there?). But every customer is different, you say; they all have different needs and different budgets, you say. TRUE. But they’re all buying from YOU. Here are a few things you can/must view as repeatables, and they’re all enabled by your CPQ solution.

  • 90% of quote content: after the very first sales proposal you write, you should never be writing another one from scratch.

    Business quotation software typically includes more than a few templates you can pre-populate with winning content (e.g., a successful value prop, brand positioning, an image or infographic that states a value-add clearly). You simply add the prospect’s name and product needs.

    Not only does this mean a faster quote, but — assuming you took the time to get it right the 1st time it was sent, or edited it to get it right the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th times — a more effective quote, too.

  • Your upsells and cross-sells: with all your products and pricing configured in a cloud catalog within a CPQ solution, adding items to a quote is as easy as point and click. Better still, after you have made multiple sales and learned the right value-adds for specific products in your suite, you can store them in your sales proposal automation software, and add them with ease to ensuing quotes.

  • Your follow-up communications: while you may need to make minor mods to each quote you send, your follow-ups to those quotes can be templated and automated for just about every closing process. Because a “Did you receive the quote?” email, and a “Following up on sent quote” email, etc. are the same regardless.

    One thing to test is timing. Test both extending and tightening the time lags between sends. E.g., send a follow-up to proposal A on day 2, a follow-up to proposal A on day 4, etc.: which do more people respond to? There’s a winning timeframe out there somewhere.

Just remember that every sale is learning opportunity, and that your business quote software is an ideal place to store those learnings.

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