Send/track business quotes on your mobile device

Before we go any further: iQuoteXpress (IQX)—which puts everything you need to create, send, and track sales quotes and proposals in the palm of your hand—is not a business quote app.

That’s because while many companies ponder the question “to app, or not to app,” IQX has always made the question irrelevant.

Hosted in the cloud, accessible from any device, and optimized for every major browser, IQX offers all the proposal automation power you need, and takes up no space on your phone.

Because, in the end, it’s less about how software is provided (locally installed, cloud-based, app, etc.) and more about the benefits it provides. And as IQX is 100% in the cloud, the benefits it provides—automated proposals, proposal reporting and analytics, easy integration of CPQ and CRMgo with you everywhere.

Proposal automation 1

Scenario 1: a business quote in the moment

You prospect doesn’t care what SMB technology you use to get them the information they need—they’ll never say, “I’d like a proposal for project X, but please only use a business quote app on your phone.” They only care that the information is 1) relevant and 2) timely.

Using IQX, you can @@create and send a proposal right from your phone while talking to your prospect.@@ Discuss what’s important to them, attach relevant products or services using IQX’s cloud catalog, nail down pricing, and scope the project.

Ensure you’re prepared for a conversation to become a quote. Because once they express enough interest, you want to be able to say, “Got a minute for a quote? Because that’s about all it’ll take,” and then press send to get that quote from your phone into their hands.

Proposal automation 2

Scenario 2: keeping track of business, every day

Do you have a team of reps under you, sending quotes and proposals to customers and prospects? Wouldn’t it be great to have an “eye in the sky” to track the progress of a quote or the efficacy of a rep whenever and wherever you wanted? With IQX, you can. Its robust tracking tools enable everything from high-level forecasting of your overall pipelines to granular tracking of an individual’s productivity.

For sales managers, having instant, detailed insight is simply invaluable. We all understand the need to have regular check-ins with our teams. Having the data at your fingertips, no matter where you may be, can help make check-ins far more productive.

Because you’re not “Just calling in, seeing how things are going,” but calling in because you saw something in particular—a proposal that stalled, a prospect whose name you recognize, a specific issue for which you can provide specific direction—that will make a check-in truly effective, helping your rep be more productive and your business be more profitable. And all because you have a cloud-based proposal solution…

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