Why your sales team is only as good as your quote generation software

There's a common saying: only a poor craftsman blames his tools. Most of the time, it's true that the tools are just a handy and unfairly blamed scapegoat for the mistakes we make. But of course, once in a while, one should blame the tools for poor outcomes. Don't believe us? Go try to build yourself a table with a child's plastic hammer and see what you get.

@@Only the best tools allow the best craftsmen to perform at the best levels.@@ There's a reason the best violinists want to play on a Stradivarius. And since the craft of your salesforce is, well, sales, you need the Stradivarius of quoting tools to keep them performing at their best.

But picking out the best can be tricky even in the best of times, and it's especially tricky when you're trying to buy something you've never even bought before. To help you, here are two things to look for that quote generation software can offer your business—they also just happen to be some of what you can count on from iQuoteXpress (IQX).

Proposal automation 1

1: Keep your sales team doing what they do best

In any job, there's a lot of "busy" work, the parts of the job that anyone could do. Even Stephen King has to figure out how to spend time configuring his printer and figuring out what's wrong with his wifi.

As a leader of a sales force, it is important to keeping your people doing what they do best: making sales. That means streamlining your sales processes so that each rep can make beautiful proposals as fast as possible, leaving them rep time to make new relationships and build on existing ones. That's what they do best.

With a CPQ solution integrated to your business, each rep can use proposal templates they can easily tweak to meet the needs of each client. @@The better your sales proposal software, the more time your team spends selling.@@

Proposal automation 2

2: Get the guess work out of knowing what works

Without reliable business analytics on your own sales processes, it can be difficult to tell what's working and what's not. You probably know that Sue is your best sales rep, but even Sue might not be able to tell you exactly what's working. The same is also true when you're trying to figure out what's not working.

With software to track sales from proposal to conversion for each sales rep, you can see exactly how you're doing. Perhaps too many proposals are just not getting a response from the prospect—then you know to follow up with a ping. Or perhaps Mark's numbers are suddenly shooting up—see what he's doing so others can do it too.

With the right quote generation software, you can make this learning process part of the sales process. And the more you learn about how to improve, the more time your sales force can spend performing at their best.

If you'd like to learn more about this topic or see IQX for yourself with a free demo, contact us.