Get that hot new proposal template: now no assembly required!

Think back to the thrill of an early birthday, a birthday when your parents got you the toy you've been begging for for two months, the one with all the lights and noises and gadgets that will actually help save your life when the zombies come for you. But then you rip open the box and there's just a pile of loose plastic parts with confusing instructions. And no batteries? You know there's a great toy in there somewhere, but just how to get there is absolutely mysterious. The thrill fades.

Unfortunately, some proposal software brings the same kind of frustration. You've seen what it can do through a slick demo, perhaps, but then there seem to be a lot of hidden steps between having what you wanted to buy and what you actually bought.

Not so with online proposal software from iQuoteXpress, which is like a new business toy without the headache of endless setup. Our proposal software is ready to go right out of the (digital) box, full of beautiful templates and effective proposal designs. It's proposal software that lets you hit the ground running. Why go through all that assembly headache when you don't have to? Here's what you can have from the word go.

prosposal design 1

1: Better graphics make for better proposals

We know, we're always going on about how important the appearance of your proposals is. But we're not shallow—we just want you to succeed. That's why our proposal templates make it easier to look good than to not look good.

Our CPQ solution makes it easy to include graphics to help you start saying more with less. Easily add your logo or product images to make sure you're communicating what's important to your prospect. @@The right graphic design makes every good-looking product look even better.@@

Just as important, the design of your proposal makes it easy to guide your prospect's attention right through your proposal from beginning to end. Instead of getting your prospect bogged down with too many words, you can present your information visually with beautiful graphs, charts, and pictures.

So leave the small print for the literal small print at the end for the prospect to read once they're won over. And win them over with beautiful designs and professional proposal templates.

proposal design 2

2: Customize to show your edge

But we can hear your concern. You know it's important to show your prospects what makes you unique: if you're not special, after all, why would a prospect choose you? So maybe you're not excited about using IQX's great templates: you want to find something that lets you express what's great about your business.

Well, we want that, too. That's why we've made it easy to customize each and every template in ways that suit your business. If what makes you distinct is the way you source your raw materials, we make it easy to put that information front and center. Or if what makes you special is the award-winning support you give after the sale, you can emphasize that, too. Whatever makes you special, our templates can be intuitively tweaked to show you off. Even better, you can also customize our templates to match the needs of the different kinds of prospects you usually work with.

Because while IQX CPQ software helps deliver an eye-catching proposal template, it’s what you bring that delivers an eye-catching proposal to each prospect.

If you'd like to learn more about this topic or see IQX for yourself with a free demo, contact us.