Getting the writers' block out of your proposal writing

Writers' block. Even the best writers get it. Even J.K. Rowling gets it. And once a writer gets it, nothing seems to help—not long walks, not writing with the weak hand, not even trying extra hard. You just have to wait for it to pass.

Except for you: @@you don't have to wait for your sales team's writers' block to pass@@. You can help prevent writers' block from happening in the first place by taking the hard writing out of the proposal writing process.

That's right, a good proposal maker software like the one from IQX guides your sales reps through the whole proposal writing process, from quote to close, streamlining the frustrating and unpredictable creative side of writing into something more manageable and predictable: point and click. @@Nobody gets “point-and-click block.”@@

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1: Turn proposal writing into proposal fill-in-the-blank

Your sales team doesn't need to reinvent the wheel with every quote they send out. That is, there's no reason for each sales rep to sit down in front of that infamous blank page and try to come up with a new persuasive proposal every time.

Much better is to figure out what works for your products and services and then turn that copy and presentation into a template. That isn't to say that every quote you send out will be identical—of course your sales team will make edits based on the individual needs of each prospect—but @@with the right template you can turn proposal writing into proposal filling-in-the-blank.@@

Not only will this ensure a consistency to the proposals your team sends out, it will make it easy for them to send them out quickly.

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2: Make your follow-up communication as professional as your proposal

After spending so much time crafting the perfect quote, making sure that everything looks just right and all i's are dotted/t’s are crossed, it can be tempting to think your job is done once the proposal is in the prospect's hands. But it's not.

@@Sales communications remains essential until your prospect signs@@ How you communicate with a prospect after you've submitted your quote is just as important as the rest of the quote-to-close process.

Think of it from your prospect's perspective. They've got a pretty awesome looking proposal in their hands, and they're feeling pretty sure they want to go with you. They just send one small clarifying question first, just to be sure they want to go with you. And then crickets. Or just as bad, they receive a slapdash reply full of typos. Goodbye sale!

Proposal maker software can help you professionalize your communication the way it helps you professionalize your quotes. If you find that a particular follow-up seems effective with your prospects, you can make the wording available to your whole sales team. And perhaps most important, proposal builder software can help you track communications between you and your prospect, so you can make sure that each prospect gets a thoughtful reply instead of crickets.

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