Guided selling—get your prospects what they want, not what you want them to want

Too often the language of sales suggests some sort of confrontation between seller and customer: the seller has to get the prospect to buy, as if against their will. But this of course is wrong. The prospect wants to buy—they're out shopping for a reason. They're not being coy.

So instead of seeing the sales rep's job as one of winning prospects over (and then winning sales), we can see the sales rep as more of a guide, an assistant of sorts.

The sales rep helps the prospect define and refine their needs, and then presents the products and services that meet those needs. The sales rep helps prospects to help themselves—ideally, to sell themselves.

And the right proposal maker software (IQX, naturally) can play a foundational role. Our CPQ software makes it easy to set up effective guided selling tools to get your prospect to the products that meet their needs. Not only does guided selling shorten the sales timeline—it makes your prospect's experience a pleasant one.

Sales enablement 1

1: How to add value to your sales team while making their job easier

@@The shorter the sales process, the happier everyone involved@@ Nobody wants to linger, hammering out details for hours. And nothing makes your sales process more efficient than guided selling through CPQ.

With our tools, your sales reps can ask each prospect a series of simple questions—Do you have a shortage of X in your day to day operations? What are your security needs in each country of operation? etc.—and with the answers generate a tailor-made proposal with up-to-date product info and pricing.

@@Increasing efficiency also adds value to each sales rep@@—the less time they have to spend trying to make each sale, the more time they have to develop new relationships and guide other prospects towards the sale. If each sales rep is suddenly freed to make more sales, it's as good as expanding your sales team, without all the work of training new members. And that is added value.

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2: Get to know your prospect and get the sale

Guided selling also makes it easier for your sales reps to maintain effective communication with your prospects. Not only does CPQ make it easy to set up a timeline to make sure your sales reps follow-up with prospects on a schedule that works, CPQ helps you add value to those communications.

@@That's because guided selling helps you know about each and every prospect individually@@ The data you collect about each one make it possible to communicate with them not just as a generic prospect or a business in a particular industry, but as how they see themselves.

Imagine how much more compelling a follow-up will be if, instead of simply asking how they felt about your prospect, you can ask how they're getting on with that one worry they had about getting this particular dispensation or about syncing this one part of their network with the cloud. @@When your prospect feels like you know them, they will feel like they get more value—because they do.@@ Fortunately, guided selling makes it possible to add more value at less cost in both time and resources.

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