What is CPQ in 2017? Whatever your business wants it to be

Since we're in the business of helping you make better business proposals, people are often asking us: just what is CPQ? And especially: just what is CPQ in 2017? And while a simple answer is “an automated quoting solution that can help your business succeed at the next level,” the truth is that what CPQ software is depends on what you need.

CPQ is adaptable to the wide-ranging needs of many different businesses. If you conduct your sales in many different countries, CPQ can automatically keep track in shifting costs up and down your supply chain and across borders. If you conduct sales that require you to manage long-term relationships with your clients, CPQ can help with that, too. CPQ helps you do what you do—only better.

So @@what is CPQ in 2017? CPQ is a better sales process.@@

CPQ software benefits 1

1: CPQ is automation of the sales process.

No matter what kind of business you have, we’re going to (safely) assume that you'd like to get the proposal process done as quickly and as efficiently as possible. Having your sales reps sitting at their desks punching out another quote the old-fashioned way—MS Word or some other fossil—means that they're not out there with prospects and making new sales.

Our automated quoting solution can help you minimize the time your reps spend at their desks. By automating the quote-generation process, each rep can make a beautiful quote in a fraction of the time it takes to make them the old-fashioned way.

But speeding up the quote-generation process isn't the only way that CPQ can help you in 2017. Because our quoting solution is mobile-ready, your sales reps can draw up the quote without even setting foot in your office—they can do it in the prospect's office instead, shortening the whole quote-to-close process and increasing the chances of conversion.

So @@what is CPQ in 2017? CPQ is more sales faster.@@

CPQ software benefits 2

2: CPQ is a chance to develop your brand

Even if your sales reps are already doing a fine job sending out accurate proposals quickly, an automated quoting solution can still help you improve your sales process. That's because our CPQ's professional-looking and easily adapted templates can help you develop a proposal-look that inspires confidence in your brand.

Each prospect will take one look at your proposal and start answering certain questions before they read a word. Does the proposal have an appealing design? Does this proposal inspire confidence? Does it look easy to follow or does the type look as dense as a telephone book?

The right CPQ solution makes it easy to @@develop a template that represents your brand@@ and then tweak that template as you get a better and better sense of what is working. Further, it makes it easy to get your whole sales team sending out proposals that look the same—and the more your sales reps are on the same page, the more they can work together to make sales.

So @@what is CPQ in 2017? CPQ is a good-looking proposal every time.@@

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