8 Elements of a good security proposal

As a security company, you’re well aware of the importance of the right proposal. Classically, door-to-door salespeople have been responsible for delivering a stellar sales pitch, touting the benefits of home security systems. On a much grander scale, however, is the project of proposing your security solution to another business or institution.

Whether you’re responding to a call for proposals or sending one in unsolicited, don’t forget to include the following aspects of a truly winning security proposal.

What all business proposals need

A business proposal – unlike a business plan – is a bid for business, with the purpose of establishing new clients and growing your company. A solicited proposal will be a response to a corporation or government entity’s posting, in which that organization is seeking a business to complete a specific task or project. Your security company will compete with other security companies for an interview. The requester will offer the project to the winning company.

An unsolicited proposal is similar, but in this case, your security company must take initiative. This is a great way to reach out to larger companies if you feel you may be able to do business together or form a mutually beneficial partnership.

All business proposals – whether for the security industry or another field entirely – need to follow these steps:

Look at the requirements

If you’re submitting a solicited proposal, the first thing you’ll need is to look at the requirements. Read the request thoroughly to make sure you understand the requester’s needs.

As you look at the proposed project, ask yourself if your company is a good fit for the request. Will your security company have the right resources as well as the time and expertise necessary to complete the project? Think carefully about whether you want to proceed, because a proposal takes quite a bit of time and research, and the wrong fit may not be worth it.

What’s the problem?

Start with a lead paragraph that describes, in your words, the requesting company’s problem. Your solution isn’t worth much if you can’t identify the need you intend to fill.

Your solution

Once you’ve identified the problem you plan to solve, explain how your company is uniquely positioned to provide the solution. This is where you explain precisely how you can deliver, often accompanied by a checklist so the requester can see how you respond to each problem point.

You’ll also want to outline the benefits the company will see when working with you. These may or may not respond directly to the proposal questions, but they’re still worth including in a separate section. Items like complete confidentiality and ability to adhere to strict deadlines go in this section.

Tailoring for the security industry

Now that you’ve covered the elements of a good business proposal that are applicable to all industries, it’s time to hone in on the specific security-related bullets. Consider the following aspects of an excellent security proposal as you write yours.

Customize each proposal

While it may be easy to use the same proposal over and over and simply substitute the name of the company, it’s not a good idea. Different requesters will have different needs, so you’ll want to customize your proposals to address these individual needs. While items like the template and attached documents may not vary between proposals, make sure you tailor each one to include the above points (the prospect’s problem and your individualized solution).

Show off the uniform

People readily connect with visual information, especially if you include a human face. If you’re presenting a proposal for a security guard service, include high-resolution photos of your officers and the uniform itself. This is a great demonstration of your professionalism.

Talk about your technology

We’re well into the 21st century, where technology is a huge component of any security solution. Include information about the technology you use. Cover the specs of your remote camera software, alarm systems, reporting software, tour tracking software, and other solutions. Additionally, if you subscribe to a particular brand of software or other technology – or have a partnership with that brand – feel free to talk about why you feel it’s the best solution. Alternatively, if you’re open to suggestions for security technology, say so.

Include documentation

Documentation should be a no-brainer, but no appendix is complete without copies of your certifications and other business-related documents. Your readers shouldn’t have to dig around to find your license or insurance information. It’s also a good idea to include resumes to give the requester a sense of your other skills and experience.

Leverage as many tools as you can – especially if you’re submitting a proposal electronically. Include links to your online content, as well as any video or infographics you have published externally. These are easy to include, since you’ve already created the content. Don’t make your readers wade through supplementary information, however. Multimedia is best suited for your appendix.

Break down your pricing

Pricing may be the first item your reader looks at, so make sure you break it down in clear terms that are easy to understand. Include the wage rate for any personnel, whether you’re supplying security guards or technicians to install alarm and other security systems. The quote will also include expenses and insurance.

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