a fit sales team is a successful sales team

By empowering customers with the tools and technology they need to bring their A game — complete automation of all sales quotes; dynamic cataloging; analytics that enable optimization of each sale – IQX helps keep sales teams in tip-top shape, taking what once was a slow-moving approach to selling and getting it into peak condition.

See to the right for just some of the businesses in commercial exercise and fitness equipment using IQX.

IQX’s cloud based CPQ tool has made a huge difference for our company. The quality of the proposal output is great and has helped our team increase time savings and efficiency by 20%.
— Rick Barbie, VP Sales, Advanced Exercise

IQX helps advanced exercise become an industry leader

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Automation and collaboration

automation and collaboration

Our automated sales proposal process means its customers get near-immediate replies to questions about products and pricing. Our cloud based system "allows our sales team to instantly collaborate and review. We put out 700-800 proposals a month. Streamlining the process has been huge advantage for us.” 


customizable templates

In the commercial exercise equipment space, service is often the difference maker – a delayed response, a late quote, or an inaccurate price can lead to a lost customer. “We saw a 20% decrease in proposal generation time and a significant increase in closing percentages due to the ability to integrate multiple documents and deliver in-depth proposals."

Cloud based


Central to the success of IQX clients in the commercial exercise and fitness equipment space is proprietary package bundles and pricing structures. Our cloud-based catalog of products and pricing is secure, protected, and available to the entire team. 


dynamic catalog

Our dynamic catalog – with its visual layout and relational product tree – makes up-selling and bundling opportunities endless. If companies are buying ellipticals, they probably also need bikes; if they’re buying benches and racks, they’ll need weights and barbells. The up-selling and bundling opportunities are literally endless, and our system makes it easy to store and share them across the team.



We partner with the top 5 leading CRM services on the market – Zoho, Salesforce, Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics, and Hyperdrive, making relationship management and sales a fluid process. 

"We manage 700-800 proposals per month. The ability to connect Salesforce and manage open and closed pipelines is a huge benefit when we have internal personal adjustments or territory changes."

Adaptive and proactive

B2B selling in commercial exercise means being adaptive and proactive, ensuring that every quote addresses the varied needs of both their customers and their customers’ customers—the people actually using the equipment.

For our clients selling in the space, automating the proposal process is critical because of the wide range of customer types. Plus, turnover of equipment and of customers is part of the circuit.

Why? In some cases, something as simple as a broken treadmill or shortage in free weights or outdated cross-training equipment can lead to losses in membership and revenue. No one likes to wait for a workout.

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