Who We Are!

iQuote Xpress was founded by 3 sales guys who grew tired of 1) observing proposals scribbled on the back of napkins and brochures 2) witnessing costly quotation mistakes  3) failing to secure business because a sales representative did not have the necessary product information at hand and 4) losing orders because a proposal was not submitted timely. They also noticed how some sales representative would spend countless hours attempting to create a “proposal masterpiece” which unfortunately, kept them behind a desk and not in front of customers selling product. Simply put, they felt there had to be a better way to generate a winning proposal.

The founders assembled a team of programmers, designers and engineers and after a few years of research and development, produced the iQuote Xpress SaaS proposing system. Their idea for a simple proposal tool resulted in a comprehensive sales management system with web catalogs, contact management, account administration and sales activity reports.

Most importantly, iQuote’s creators produced a proposal device which easily generates immediate, detailed, consistent and accurate proposals including product specifications, pictures and pricing. They even incorporated prompts and a tutorial so that a new sales representative is effortlessly guided though the proposal process.

In today’s business world, companies need to find every competitive angle. The iQuote Xpress group has provided a significant advantage with the ultimate solution in quotation software technology.