More Features

Customer support:
The iQuoteXpress customer care staff will promptly provide assistance to your questions and inquiries. Our support group is made up of highly trained engineers, programmers and customer service personnel who are able to provide general information all the way up to the most complex troubleshooting. Either way, we are here to serve you.

Our servers are stored at the world famous Infomart Telecom Hotel in downtown Dallas, Texas. This is a major Internet hub with backbone connections spanning the world. Dallas is the prime location to house internet based servers needing extremely fast speeds with minimal latency. All client information is safe against all threats and is backed up daily.

Continuous upgrades:
iQuoteXpress is a Software as a Service solution. This means that you will always be utilizing the latest version of our SaaS application without any need to upgrade or install software. Each new version is automatically available with no additional charge to our clientele.

Technical Information:
ASP.NET Base code: The use of this web application framework gives the software multi-language capabilities and the ability to cache the entire page or just parts of it to improve performance. Our servers have HVAC which is supplied via five one hundred ton onsite water chillers to deliver N+1 cooling requirements. Access is monitored using Proximity Security Badge Access and Digital Security Video Surveillance. The data center offers complete redundancy in power, HVAC, fire suppression, network connectivity and security.

iQuoteXpress Offers you:

  • Quoting/proposal system
  • Contact management and CRM synchronization
  • Product Configuration
  • Organized records of client documents
  • E-catalog
  • Reporting tools and much more…