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Our configuration wizard allows businesses to apply dynamic pricing schemes to their products and services. This tool utilizes a set of rules that enables sales representatives to select the right product combinations and define pricing of services. The wizard prevents compatibility errors through the application of complex algorithms. These algorithms act as constraints, ensuring the configuration will only produce a valid product or service.

Product ConfiguratorThe wizard significantly reduces the time needed to define the appropriate price for a service or assembly of products by centralizing and associating items. The intuitive design makes the complex analysis of the variables that define the pricing process appear simple as your sales representatives and project managers make selections in a sequence from a single window in our product configuration software.

The iQuoteXpress configurator wizard eliminates errors and makes the quoting process for sales representatives and project managers much easier.

The Product configuration wizard is an extremely valuble tool for businesses that face the following challenges with:

  • Offering customer products that are defined by quantitative (weight, distance, length) or qualitative (color, material, brand) parameters
  • Establishing service charges based on a number of specific requirements
  • Configuring an assortment of related products of limited compatibility



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