How Quote Proposal Software Can Improve B2B Sales.

Your sales team doesn’t just drive your business—in B2B sales they are your business. While you likely imagine your marketing team as presenting your business’s image, and you’re not wrong here, when a potential client calls for a quote or requests a proposal then your sales professionals are the face of your business. Their speed and accuracy (or lack thereof) reflect directly on your entire company. This is where sales management software comes in.

Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) software places everything your sales team could need at their fingertips, no matter where they are. Moving your quoting software to the cloud allows all your staff to excel in their own fields. Marketing professionals and sales professionals no longer risk tripping each other up in their efforts to attract sales (perhaps with sales staff unaware of the latest offer, or the newest specs) as any changes made in the electronic catalog are instantly updated across the company. This is especially important in an age of increasingly mobile sales forces. With cloud-based CPQ software, a smartphone is enough to keep sales teams up to the second on your latest products and prices. The same web quoting software can help telecommuters take part from home, or while working outside of office hours.

Information delays need never again cost you business. Assuring a client that a sales quote will arrive in a couple of days only gives them that much time to look elsewhere. An easy-to-use product configurator allows you to create accurate proposal templates, while an image-oriented electronic catalog allows sales staff to create accurate, effective, and impressive business proposals on the spot. Even a single graphic makes a quote stand out from all of those assembled with only pricing information. The combination of speed and professionalism gives potential customers all the information they need and an excellent impression of your company.

B2B proposals are about so much more than single sales. They can open ongoing relationships. When another business needs a solution, they want to know that their providers are always ready to provide support. The faster your sales team can provide a price quote—using accurate proposal management software to speed up the process—the more likely that client is to trust your product.

Sales management software also allows your team to track successful sales, following up with intelligently tailored proposals to help expand B2B relationships. An on-board customer relationship management makes iQuoteXpress the ideal quote software to keep clients.


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