Position Your Sales Team for Success with A Proposal Software

Selling is a tough business—even if you’ve expertly qualified your leads, there are other sales people vying for their attention. Additionally, proposals that look informal and amateurish are likely to be tossed straight into the recycle bin. You can avoid that problem and deliver an effective, professional proposal—every single time—by providing your sales team with cutting-edge proposal software that puts everything your sales staff needs in one, easily accessible place. Here’s how it can help your sales team succeed:

  • It serves as an online catalog. Proposal software serves as an electronic catalog that your sales team can use to quickly browse through different products and find just the right solution to add to a proposal.

  • It stores all of the contact information for your customers and your leads. Instead of having to bounce between their PCs and their phones, your sales staff can put contact information directly into a proposal template. But proposal software also goes far beyond this, including fields for sales history, approved discounts, and etc.

  • Robust proposal software acts as a central calendar. Sales staff can easily see deadlines and meetings, and sales managers have full access to everyone’s schedules.

  • Proposal software reduces the time required to produce a proposal by up to 75%, significantly decreasing the associated cost. In addition, built-in proposal formats and pre-loaded product information and graphics make it easy to produce a professional, eye-catching document.

  • Proposal software streamlines reporting by eliminating the need to start from scratch for every report. Reports on everything from forecasts to sales data to sales staff productivity can be generated from directly within the software.

  • It uses pre-determined rules to generate pricing based on factors selected by the sales person. Any number of things can affect pricing—volume, turnaround time, combinations of features, and etc. Proposal software removes the guesswork involved in coming up with a quote by generating pricing based on selected parameters.

  • It works seamlessly with other tools. Proposal management software works at peak efficiency when it’s integrated with other tools like CRM and bookkeeping software.

A robust proposal management software package can significantly reduce the cost associated with each sale by streamlining repetitive tasks and storing all necessary information in one place. It can also increase the effectiveness of your team’s proposals by giving them the tools to quickly create effective, professional documents. If you’re not already using proposal management software, it’s time to consider it—because your competitors already are.