Moderation in all things—just not quality

Some things in life are best in moderation: drinking coffee, eating double-fudge chocolate cakes, visits to the doctor, winter holidays in Antarctica. Indulge in too much coffee after dinner and your mind will still be whirring away when the sun comes up. Too much Antarctic winter can be seriously hazardous to your health.

But even moderation must be taken in moderation. Some things in life bring their benefits not through moderation but through frequent use and practice. And when it comes to your business, the more you integrate quoting tools into your proposal process, the more they can help you.

quoting solution save sales team time

Quoting tools save your sales team time

Let's face it: if things are going well, your sales team is busy. Each sales member is forced to prioritize and balance numerous demands on their time, so any time-saver you can give them will help them to convert more sales—and faster. Your business can streamline the proposal process by integrating quoting tools, which will give your sales force a competitive edge.

Quoting tools automate the proposal generating process, meaning your sales team can generate proposals far faster than before. And the less time that your sales team spends making proposals, the more time they can spend closing. Speed in sales is best not taken in moderation.

quoting solution accuracy and consistency

Quoting tools simplify the proposal process

Of course, speed isn't the only thing that makes for a good proposal: you also want to make sure each proposal accurately and consistently represents your brand. Quoting tools make it easy to create a common template for all your proposals, regardless of which member of your sales team makes it.

Further, quoting tools make it easy to ensure that your proposals not only look good on the outside, but that they also look good on the inside. When supply costs are constantly in flux, it can be hard to ensure that the entire sales team remains on the same page. Quoting tools gives immediate access to all important information to your sales team, making sure that every proposal you send out reflects up to the minute changes.

So when it comes to creating a good, accurate proposal, moderation is the enemy.