What can quotation software do that a human can't?

You probably have a lot more experience writing email than you'd like, but, if you're anything like us, you still make mistakes in writing many of them. You fail to attach an attachment, send them to the wrong people, send them before they're finished, CC when you mean to BCC, or even misspell your own name! The point is, no matter how much experience one has with something, mistakes are inevitable.

But you can help eliminate mistakes from your business proposals with quoting software. Here are five ways a CPQ solution can help make your proposals as good as they can be.

1. Quotation software will help you get proposals in fast

Despite our best intentions, people, even your sales team, can't help but be late sometimes. Unexpected problems come up and people simply misjudge how long a task will take. Quotation software can help your team minimize unexpected delays by streamlining and standardizing the proposal process.

quotation software catches bad math

2. Quotation software will catch bad math

Let's face it: most of us struggle to calculate a proper tip without doing a little figuring on our calculators. And calculators are no guarantee of correct math—press one wrong button and your answer is way off! And since most business proposals are going to require math that's a little more complicated than a 20% tip, human error has an all too high risk of popping up. Quotation software does the math for you, ensuring that the proposals you send out are correct and dependable.

3. Quotation software lets your team respond to changes in cost

Human error can also creep into your proposals if they are not responsive to the latest information. There may, for instance, be a sudden change in your costs—if your proposals are made the old fashioned way (i.e., by hand), they may not account for that change. With quotation software, however, all cost changes are instantly included, keeping your proposals precise and accurate.

quotation software missed opportunity

4. Quotation software integrates lines-of-business

A missed opportunity can be a particularly galling sort of error, since each new opportunity seized can lead to new ones down the road. Creating the proposals the old-fashioned way, it can be hard to find new opportunities for sales. Quotation software integrates different parts of your business to help you find fresh approaches to sales that later help you seize new opportunities.

5. Quotation software is dynamic

When your sales team responds to shifts in a prospect's needs, there can be real pressure to deliver a new proposal fast. Unfortunately, working faster means making more mistakes. But not so with quotation software, which can swiftly produce revised and reliable proposals. And the more responsive your sales team, the faster you convert.

We may all be doomed to make mistakes, but with quotation software those mistakes don't have to appear in your proposals.