Building a business with CPQ tools

No matter what you're building, it's important to start with a solid foundation. A house needs a stable concrete base on which to build, and a piano needs a carefully made cabinet before you start tuning strings or attaching hammers. And if you're building a business, your foundation needs to be good CPQ tools before you start sending out business proposals.

CPQ tools make a great foundation for your business because they let you build in different directions. Whether or not you are in the business of selling galvanized steel or bespoke coffee, CPQ tools (with cloud cataloging, business analytics, and automated features) can help you set up a sales system that is strong, stable, and adaptable. @@A foundation of CPQ tools is strong so you can be flexible.@@

How do CPQ tools help you be flexible? They help you build strong business proposals, regardless of what it is that you're selling or who you're selling it to. That's right: since sales are how you build a business, your proposals are basically the foundation for the building.

Proposal customization 1

1: The strongest businesses are built to be flexible

We sometimes like to think of strength as something hard and rigid: like steel or stone perhaps, things that are fixed in place, hard to move, and even harder to tear down. And while this kind of strength is often admirable, it may not be the kind of strength you want for your business: the flexible reed can withstand sudden shocks far better than the rigid oak tree can.

In a dynamic and ever-changing marketplace, the strongest companies are those that are built to be flexible. That is why your business should choose flexible CPQ tools as its foundation. CPQ makes it easy to ensure that all the business proposals your sales team sends out contain up to the minute, accurate information.

Further, with CPQ tools, changing the structure of your sales team's business proposals to meet a shift in the market is easy. @@The faster you can customize your proposals to reflect market changes, the stronger your business will be@@.

Proposal customization 2

2: Build a distinctive business look with CPQ tools

As important as the flexibility and accuracy of your CPQ tools are, they're only part of what you need to build the best business proposals. No matter how accurate your proposals are, and no matter how fast you can respond to sudden opportunities, you need your proposals to look good as well.

Fortunately, a flexible CPQ tool makes it easy to find the right "look" for your business proposals. Whether or not you want a traditional, and perhaps subdued look (if you're selling security technology, say) or something loud and flashy (if you're selling to monster truck dealers), a business built with CPQ tools can easily find the right look for them.

And thankfully, just as CPQ tools can be quickly adapted to reflect changes in the market, the look of your business proposals is also flexible. If you find that a new template is becoming more and more effective than the previous one, it is easy to implement that change across the business. @@With CPQ tools, you can be flexible without sacrificing accuracy or good looks.@@

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