Talkin’ bout my (online business quotation) generator

Hope I die before I get old.
— Pete Townshend
This deal died because the quote got cold.
— A proposal lost in your information systems

Turns out Pete didn’t get what he wanted—he didn’t die before he got old, and is still packing stadiums with The Who. But your business deals? How many have died simply from inactivity or because of missed check-ins with a prospect? Chances are more than one.

But @@with an online business quotation generator, you need not worry about a deal dying on the vine@@: your CPQ system automates most every part of the process, helps you keep every proposal moving forward, and keeps every hot prospect hot.

The secret to a successful sale is surprisingly like the secret to writing a hit song: streamlining and fine-tuning.

Product configuration 1


The Who’s first huge hit, “My Generation,” was streamlined to basically two chords. Townshend knew it didn’t take much to get his point across and connect with the kids (who were, coincidentally, alright).

Part of every sales automation technology and sales process improvement involves streamlining, too. But using an online business quotation generator doesn’t necessarily mean streamlining the structure of a proposal, or reducing its must-haves (which will always be problem, solution, price). What a CPQ solution can do is streamline manual interactions with the sale.

Because every time a proposal is “touched,” there’s an opportunity for error. Which is why—through templates that can be reused and repurposed, a cloud catalog that serves as a centrally administered repository for all products and pricing, and business workflows that ensure you don’t miss a date—quotation generators’ prime directive is to reduce hands-on processes.

Product configuration 2


It’s rare that a song—from big hits to complete misses—enters the airwaves without hours of rewriting, tweaking, and fine-tuning. Townshend (last Who reference, promise!), while he would sometimes come up with the core of a song in minutes (the chords, the melody) would spend days, weeks, months, even years adjusting, adding textures, and tones, and more, fine-tuning each tune.

Your quotes should be fine-tuned at the micro level, with each one being given its due diligence, with every detail combed over. But with CPQ technology, they can also be fine-tuned at the macro level. Because @@an online business quotation generator enables macro management of proposals@@, helping you spot trends across dozens of sales quotes, rather than relying on bits of anecdotal evidence one at a time.

In many parts of our lives, faster doesn’t always mean better (often, it means risk of mistakes and more). But by streamlining and fine-tuning your sales proposal process with a CPQ solution, you can truly enjoy the best of both worlds.

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