CPQ systems and B2B benefits

Sometimes it can seem like B2B selling is the hardest kind of selling there is. After all, businesses are in the know: they're experts in their field and so can distinguish good deals from bad. Even more, since they're a business they're likely also in the business of selling, and know all the sales tricks. Yet, while it may seem daunting, B2B selling should actually be the easiest kind of sales you do.

Why? Because other businesses are predictable. You're a business, too: you know how other businesses think. They all want to get more faster and for less. So when drawing up a proposal for another business, you can just ask yourself what impression the proposal you've made would make on you. If you would like it, it's a safe bet that another business will like it, too.

And the best way to make a proposal you'll will like is to use the best quoting software. A CPQ system makes it easy to make proposals for B2B selling. Here are a couple of CPQ  benefits.

CPQ software benefits 1

1: Quote management software helps you get there first.

Woody Allen once said that 80% of life is showing up. That is, just putting yourself in a position to succeed is the lion's share of the challenge. The same is true in B2B sales. Getting a proposal into your prospect's hands before the competition does will vastly increase your chances of converting.

Quote software is the fastest way to get a quality proposal into your prospect's hands. With up-to-date information your whole sales team can access, the software makes it easy for each sales rep to draw up a proposal in minutes. Even better, because it is mobile-ready, @@with CPQ software, reps can get a proposal to a prospect without even going to the office.@@

And the sooner your proposal is in the prospect's hands, the faster you can convert a prospect to a customer. Speed is a CPQ software benefit that’s yours right out of the box.

CPQ software benefits 2

2: Become more responsive to your prospect's needs

If showing up is 80% of the game, that still leaves 20% to make up if you're going to make the sale. But that's ok! Quote management software helps you get the rest of the way by making it easy to be responsive to your prospect.

Even if the proposal you've delivered looks great and your prospect likes it, there's a decent chance they'll want you to make some slight tweaks: maybe they want more of product A than product B, or maybe they realize they need product C as well. Without quote software, tweaking a proposal takes a lot of time, but with a CPQ system you can make a tweak in minutes.

The faster you can make changes, the faster you can get your prospect exactly what they want. And if there's one thing you should know as a business doing B2B sales, it is that time is always of the essence. @@With a CPQ system, you’ll do more faster.@@

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