How CPQ software vendors are driving the sales enablement revolution

In a previous post on sales enablement, we dug into the nature of the term itself, getting past its buzz-worthiness and revealing its net worth.

This time, we’re more interested in what’s driving this new approach to selling and (though we’re biased) we believe @@CPQ software vendors are playing a major role in advancing sales enablement.@@

First, a primer: @@sales enablement is about systems and/or solutions that improve foundational elements in selling.@@ And is there anything more foundational in selling than getting a signed quote? We don’t think so.

And re: “systems and/or solutions”--with CPQ, you have both.

How is CPQ a solution? For our purposes, let’s define solution as technology designed to improve throughput and reduce manual processes. A configure, price, quote solution can reduce manual labor in what was one of the most manual-labor intensive steps of closing new business--creating, delivering, and tracking proposals.

And as a system? The best CPQ software vendors ensure you get more than just a platform to install--they give you the processes and understanding you need to maximize your usage of (and ROI for) that platform.

Sales enablement 1

CPQ as a sales enablement solution

Why do salespeople from all vertical markets start using tools like CPQ? Typically, they face problems in selling processes: quotes are inaccurate (wrong pricing, wrong products), proposals are dying on the vine (no follow-up, no feedback), and sales are suffering.

So they look for a solution to their problem; typically, a solution that doesn’t involve more hires, and that usually means a technological solution. An enduring goal in sales enablement is to equip your team with tech and tools that support their work, and above all else CPQ immediately equips each and every team member with a faster, more accurate way to create and send quotes.

Sales enablement 2

CPQ as a sales enablement system

Like most CPQ software vendors, we believe our proposal automation solution will help you solve your existing business challenges. Unlike others, we also believe it can further sales enablement by helping you to create a systematic approach to selling.

Because the system part of CPQ is in how it builds each rep’s understanding of the holistic nature of a sale and the customer lifecycle, and in how managers enjoy increased insight to understand sales across the enterprise.

Track and analyze one proposal from start to finish, and you understand that particular sale. But use the business analytics tools in IQX to get a 30k foot overview of hundreds of proposals, and you understand your sales system.

If you'd like to learn more about this topic or see IQX for yourself with a free demo, contact us.