Good, better, best: proposal software shopping tips

If you're reading this, you're probably already considering buying proposal automation software for your business: congrats! You're well on your way to sending out better proposals. But if you're shopping for something you don't already have, a problem arises: how are you to select the best proposal software?

And while that might seem like an easy question to answer—you want the software that makes it quick and easy to send out the best-looking proposals that contain accurate information—that's not necessarily so helpful.

With good proposal software you can make a good proposal—and with better proposal software you can typically make a good proposal more quickly. But the best proposal software goes past just an upgrade to your manual processes to letting you quickly make proposals that reflect your business and what you stand for.

That is the best proposal software offers the speed of automation with a personal touch. Because the best proposal software is built with the knowledge that there's no such thing as the "best proposal"—there's only what's best for your business.

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1: The best proposal software is the one that lets you design it

Yes, you read that correctly. And no, we're not assuming you're a hot-shot designer. What we are assuming is that you know your business better than anyone else does, and we're assuming that your business is unique. Therefore the best proposals for your business should be unique as well.

The best proposal software is customizable to meet your needs. You can select the right aesthetic that extends your brand; you can integrate all relevant data from across your business in an easily maintained database; and you can help shape the template that simultaneously presents your company at its best while speaking to the needs of your usual customers.

@@With the best proposal software up and running, your automated business quote will have a personal touch.@@ It's the best because what could be better than that?

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2: The best proposal software is the one that changes with your needs

A merely "good" or even "better" proposal software can give you a decent looking automated business quotes, maybe even the right proposal for your business. The right proposal at the time, that is. When selecting your proposal software, however, you want one that will let you evolve in directions you couldn't have predicted.

So, just as the best proposal software is made with the knowledge that there is no one-size-fits-all best proposal out there, there's no best-for-all-time proposal either. What works for your business in March may be out of date come summer. @@The best proposal software lets you improve your proposals as you improve your sales process.@@

So as you're shopping for your business software, don't let yourself settle for the software that's good enough, nor even the software that's a little better than good enough. You want the best proposal software because only it will let you consistently show your business at its best.

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