Catalogs in the cloud: the heart of business quotation software.

As with most strategic goals, maximizing your sales requires organizing your information in a way that is both comprehensive and easy to use. It always hurts to miss a sale, but it really hurts to miss one when it could have been made if only sales rep John knew everything that sales rep Mary already knows.

With the right business quotation software, such mishaps never have to happen again. Why? Because an automated quote/proposal solution with a cloud catalog can be designed to include all of your sales team's winning sales and pricing strategies.

Whatever effective strategy Mary discovers can be built into your cloud catalog, making sure that your entire sales team immediately benefits, regardless of their location. Further, the best quoting software makes it possible to cater your sales proposals to the needs of local markets. Here's how a cloud catalog can help.

Cloud catalogs 1

1: Cloud catalogs help your sales reps help each other.

If your sales team is any good—and we're confident that they are—they're always busy. And that's a good thing. It means they're making sales. But it also means that they probably don't have a lot of time to sit down together and swap strategies to help make each other better.

Fortunately, with business quotation software that utilizes a cloud catalog, sales reps can help each other out without having to give up any of their time making sales. That's because a cloud catalog makes it automatic for the whole team to, say, offer a box of golf balls and tees to a prospect interested in a set of clubs.

And while this pairing may be obvious to even the most rookie sales rep, some effective pairings will not be. With a cloud catalog at the heart of your business quotation software, you can be sure that the surprisingly effective strategies are shared across your team. That means @@with a cloud catalog make more sales and get your prospects just what they're looking for.@@ And that's win-win.

Cloud catalogs 2

2: Build dynamic pricing strategies into your business quotation software

In this day and age, no product has a single value. Even a can of Coke, which is more or less the same thing everywhere, is of widely varied and ever-changing price depending on its market. And unless you're selling a simple commodity like wheat, your pricing strategy should be no different.

Fortunately, a business quote generator with a cloud catalog makes it easy to enact the pricing strategies that work for your business. With business quotation software your sales reps can take with them wherever they go, your whole sales teams can automatically deliver proposals that reflect pricing strategies for their present region.

And the more you can build in good strategies into your business quote software, the more your sales reps can spend their time doing what only they can do: building relationships and adding the human touch to the sales process.

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