QRM software, or “When CRM met CPQ…"

We know: that's enough acronyms to make even members of the CIA or the NSA or the USNSC have their eyes glaze over in boredom. But this is actually not a boring story. It's a love story whose offspring—QRM software—can help make your business better.

You probably already know by now how CPQ software can help strengthen your sales process—centralized pricing, consistent proposal looks, up-to-the-minute data in every proposal you send out. And you know how CRM software can help you manage your relationships with every client and prospect, helping you work smarter from quote to close.

QRM software brings those advantages to the cloud, which means you can bring those advantages—and your beautiful proposal design—everywhere your sales team goes. And the more places your sales team has an edge, the more places they'll be able to make sales of course. @@The faster your proposal generation, the faster your sales.@@

Here's how CRM + CPQ (QRM) software can help your sales team convert.

Proposal design 1

1: With QRM software, your sales team doesn't just bring their skills—they bring your brand

Before the development of today’s business technologies, your sales reps would roll out of the office with only their own skills to help them make sales. If a prospect asked a difficult question or even just wanted to make a slight tweak to a proposal, the rep might have to go all the way back to the office to get the answer or make the change. But those days are gone. Long gone.

With QRM software, your sales reps bring on the road every advantage they might have while being in the office. With your entire catalog in the cloud, dynamically presented with compelling images, your sales reps can quickly show off everything that makes your brand great. And that means you get each prospect to what they want faster—win-win.

Even better, CRM + CPQ software makes it easy to generate a quote right there on the spot using your custom business proposal template, so your sales team gets a chance to convert before the competition even arrives. @@With QRM, sales reps bring the full power of your brand with them wherever they go.@@

Proposal design 2

2: Bundling becomes automatic

Using QRM software doesn't just help your sales reps make sales—it helps them make better sales. How? It maintains thorough data about which products are selling together and will automatically make suggestions to sales reps out in the field.

Dynamic bundling also helps make your prospects happy, since bundling helps them meet their needs. If, for instance, a prospect is interested in shoes, they're probably also interested in shoelaces—software that bundles the two together helps ensure that your prospect is satisfied and likely to come back to you for the next pair of shoes, as additional and relevant needs they may have around shoes have been proactively addressed.

Further, QRM software frees up sales reps to focus on the one part of the sales process no software can ever replace—relationships. The more you can automate proposal generation, bundling, and any other part of the sales process, the more your sales reps can focus on building a relationship that will endure until the next sale.

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