The world’s best quoting software (and how to spot it!)

The difference between great and the best is not always so easy to spot. Only when something is put to the test in difficult moments is its quality on full display. After all, Michael Jordan was the best not because he could jump the highest or make the longest shots; he was the best because he made shots when it mattered most.

If you want your business to be the best, the quality in the best quoting software is a solution that performs down the stretch. I.e., you want your quoting software to Be Like Mike.

But you don't want to have to wait until the big test comes to know how your quoting software will perform. Fortunately, there are things you can look for in advance to get a sense of how your solution will do when crunch time comes. Here's what to look for when trying to pick a CPQ that performs like an MVP.

Business analytics 1

1: The best quoting software doubles as an analytics tool

In the old days, sports coaches made decisions based on their gut instincts. A certain player might seem "on a hot streak" during a certain game, or a given match-up might just "feel right" to the coaches. But those were just the old days. Coaches make decisions now based on statistics and data—we know that there is no such thing as a scientifically verifiable (and therefore repeatable) hot streak, and we know that data-driven coaching is far more effective than gut feelings. The best teams play moneyball.

Your business decisions should be no different. Gone are the days when businesses can get away with deciding things based on hunches, and “what just feels right.” To compete, you need to be making data-driven decisions, which means your performance will be directly tied to the quality of your business analytics.

Fortunately, the best quoting software doesn't just make beautiful quotes—it also tracks your business performance from quote to close. It keeps track of internal trends and helps you identify weak spots in your sales process. @@With the best quoting software, your business has smart choices instead of gut feelings.@@

Business analytics 2

2: The best quoting software can easily compete for international sales

No matter the game you play, from basketball to business, competition has gone global. It's no longer enough to be the best in town because competition can now come from anywhere. As a result, to be competitive, most businesses need to be ready to compete globally.

Fortunately, the best quoting software makes it easy to bring in international sales. How? By maintaining up-to-the-minute data about local costs and opportunities, the right CPQ tools can automate quote generation that reflects the best prices for a given market. That means that every quote you send out can be made swiftly without sacrificing accuracy.

Further, the best quoting software can automatically keep track of effective upsells and market trends in each market in which your business operates. So if a certain product pairing is working well in Canada while another is effective in Mexico, your quoting software can help make sure your sales team gets it right every time. @@With the best quoting software, your sales strategy is in line with the global market.@@

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