You can “quote them on that”—and fast—with quoting software

For ages people have contended with a simple but frustrating trade-off: quality or quickness. If you want a really fine table, you'll have to wait several months for the craftsman to finish the detailed work. But if you want a table today, you'll probably have to settle for a flat-pack factory table of particle board that you assemble yourself with a disposable allen wrench.

Yet while quality versus quickness may still apply to your choice of home furnishings, it no longer needs to apply to your choice of quoting software. The best quote makers now don't say quality or quickness. The real quoting solution is one that says quality and quickness.

With the right software now, your sales team can get top-quality quotes into each prospect's hands faster than they could get a low-quality quote there in the old days. Here's how the right quoting software can help make your sales team better.

Quote building tips 1

1: The right quoting software automates the quoting process

The more steps a process involves, the greater the chance of making a mistake. Each step is a chance to stumble (we're only human, after all). That's why the best quote maker is designed to shorten the quote-making process as much as possible. The shorter the process, the smaller the chance of sending out a proposal with information that does not reflect your business at its best.

With all of your business's data compiled in an online product and pricing catalog, a quoting solution can eliminate just about all pricing errors. Each sales rep simply needs to load a given product into your proposal template and the correct price will be automatically included. Gone are the days when you have to face the embarrassment of admitting to a prospect that you've offered them a bargain you can't actually stand behind. @@With the right quoting software, quote making is barely more than point and click.@@

Additionally, the software tracks all communications and previous proposals issued to a given prospect. This up-to-the-minute tracking will make sure that no prospect falls through the cracks and that nothing crucial is fumbled when one sales rep is forced to sub in for another.

Quote building tips 2

2: Speeding up the quote-making process is like expanding your sales team

A great quote maker makes your sales team better. First, it makes each sales rep more responsive to the needs of your prospects. With your quoting tools connected to the cloud, each sales rep can find out just what a prospect wants and reply, "Let me quote you on that—right now." The fewer steps back and forth between the sales team and each prospect, the greater the chance of conversion.

And the less time it takes each sales rep to convert, the more prospects and relationships each member of your sales team can develop. So if you've been trying to choose between taking on new sales reps and improving the software underlying your sales process, don't worry, you can have both! By making each rep more effective, @@the right quoting solution is like hiring a bunch of new reps who are already trained.@@

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