Best uses for quoting software in accelerating sales

Sales acceleration is built on sales automation, and the best foundation is using software for quotations.

We promise: that’s the last time we’ll rhyme in this post...well, almost. Let’s move on to alliteration: @@sales acceleration is made up of people, principles, and practices.@@

And there’s a fourth P: platform. It’s not just because we’re a B2B technology company that we believe that the right technology platform — the best quoting software, CRM, marketing automation, or combination of some or all of these technologies — powers and supports your people, principles, and practices, and unites them across the enterprise.

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Sales acceleration: the “human” factor

Ask any salesperson, and they’ll tell you it’s about relationships — and they’re absolutely right. Your sales reps and the relationships they build are central to moving each sale forward… so how do you get them to do it faster? (Hint: simply saying “work faster!” will get you nowhere.)

The key here is empowerment — loop them on creating their KPIs, ask for their strategic input as often as you ask for reporting on tactical deliverables, and give them the tools they need to build more relationships more quickly — and you’ll accelerate sales. A sales rep using quoting software the right way can manage more contacts, send more proposals, and close more deals far more quickly than reps doing things manually.

We know that getting some reps to use new tech can be like pulling teeth, so be sure you empower them with both the tools and the support to use those tools. Otherwise, you’ll see sales decelerate while your team’s on a learning curve.


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A principled approach to sales acceleration

Just like some managers (wrongly) think the key to accelerating individual sales is saying “work faster!” some organizational leaders (wrongly) think the key to accelerating all sales is “sell more!” We recommend a more methodical approach, one that focuses on how an organization can holistically accelerate sales.

For example, ROI as a foundational principle can solve most every problem. In some organizations, work can slow to a halt as line-of-business owners hash out their competing needs. But when you stack every project and process in order of its ROI potential, you can eliminate the politicking and opinions that slow down sales and maintain a group focus on the bottom line.


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Practices: where sales acceleration takes off

Is your team unified in its selling practices? Its pitches? Do they describe your brand and value proposition the same way? Are they using the same product and pricing catalog (is it a cloud-based product and pricing catalog)? Do they share info through a contact database so, when needed, salesperson B can pick up where salesperson A left off?

If not, quoting software can be the best way to unify sales practices. Your quotes will be built off the same templates (ensuring have the same pitching and positioning practices), they’ll have unified pricing, and — through sales tracking and reporting tools — team leaders will be able to enforce those practices.


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