11 extensions for Zoho CRM that help close more sales

At its heart, a CRM system is not necessarily a “selling machine.” It’s what it says it is: a customer relationship management solution. It stores contacts and documents, tracks opportunities, enables revenue forecasting, and supports every task related to sales except, well, the selling itself.

The Zoho CRM platform, however, is easily transformed into a selling machine, and here are 10 Zoho Marketplace extensions that fuel that transformation.

1: Service / support

Sales and support communication tools are critical to ensuring business growth. While iQuoteXpress (IQX) is a powerful extension to automate the sales proposal process and help you acquire more customers more quickly, the Zendesk extension is support software that helps you keep your customers (and keep them happy).

You can create and edit Zendesk tickets directly within Zoho CRM, view every customer’s Zendesk ticket in their Zoho CRM records, and much more.


2: Shipping

Every vendor that needs help moving something from A to B knows that until you receive delivery confirmation, your reputation essentially rests in someone else’s hands (and literally in their hands). Having an extension that pulls crucial shipping details and updates into your CRM is business-critical, plain and simple. In this case, the extension of choice is the big dog, FedEx Rate Comparator and Shipment Tracking.

  • Track any shipment by entering the FedEx tracking number within the Invoice module of Zoho CRM

  • Shipment cost will be added as a separate line item in the sales order, and the grand total is displayed

  • Get shipment rate based on the FedEx Package Type within the sales order module in Zoho CRM

3: Organization charts

Your prospect’s boss and his boss’s boss are out of the office — where do you go next? A Zoho marketplace extension to produce graphical representations of the relationships involved in the decision-making process is a big help when you’re working with (or in) big organizations. The Organization Charts Extension for Zoho CRM can help you visualize the reporting structure of your contacts, and even see a contact's deal history with a single click.


4: Productivity tracking

Which sales reps are busting their butts and on pace to to beat their numbers? Which reps are sitting on their butts and likely looking at days that are numbered? Capture and measure real time data about your sales team’s productivity, and continuously improve sales process across your team with Prodoscore. The Prodoscore extension ensures sales activity is quantitatively measured, whether it's time spent sending emails, scheduling meetings, or completing CRM tasks.


5: Capture business cards

The ability to move business card contacts into CRM leads without having to type? We’re definitely on board with that time savings. The Contactous extension eliminates manual transcription and adds contact data to Zoho CRM on time, and with great accuracy.

web meeting services.png

6: Web meeting services

At IQX, we’ve learned that showing our software through web meetings is far more effective than just sending a link. Our GoTo for this need is another couple of preferred extensions within Zoho CRM Marketplace.

  • GoToWebinar: sync webinars and lists from GoToWebinar to Zoho CRM, retrieve and integrate information about webinar registrants, attendees, and audience questions, and work on post-webinar operations like lead assignment and lead nurturing with ease.

  • GoToMeeting: schedule, start, or join online calls and meetings from within Zoho CRM, and send automatic emails inviting customers and prospects to GoToMeeting sessions.

7: Text messaging/SMS

Take advantage of a highly reviewed extension that helps sales professionals simplify, automate, and track text messages inside your Zoho CRM. SMS Magic can use existing phone numbers (it’s BYON: bring your own number!), send bulk texts, track and analyze results, and more.


8: Internal communication

Improve, capture, and track internal communications by extending Zoho CRM with Slack, a messaging app for the ages. You can send 1-to-1 comms, create group chats (both inside and outside of your organization), and reduce the hassle of arranging team meetings. You can also use Slack to share CRM records with your team.


9: E-signatures

Zoho CRM Marketplace offers a few different ways to “digitize” the contract and quote signing process, and thereby reduce obstacles in closing sales..

The Adobe Sign, Docusign, and Sign Easy extensions let you send, sign, and track agreements from within Zoho CRM, as well as dynamically place signature, initial, date and other details inside documents, and track your signing process in real time without any additional software.

Adobe Sign and Docusign also support SalesSignals: every time a document is opened, signed or rejected by an user, a notification will pop-up inside Zoho CRM.


10: Phone system integration

The ability to make, receive and track calls directly from the CRM is the exact type of simple solution that drove us to fully integrate IQX with Zoho CRM. Here are a couple of top extensions:

  • JustCall Phone System: automatically log outgoing and incoming calls, as well as missed calls (with a call back link), voicemail recordings, and text messages. JustCall also provides advanced call analytics, call recordings, call monitoring, call barging and whispering, fax and other call center software features. And you can both make and receive calls without leaving your Zoho dashboard.

  • Foneco: Like JustCall, you both make and receive calls inside Zoho CRM with Foneco. Calls are automatically logged as an Activity in Zoho, saving time and allowing easy reporting, sorting, and prioritization of customer contacts. Use call time and duration stats to analyze data from individual customer calls or customer segments.


11: iQuoteXpress

Well, naturally! Integrating IQX into your Zoho CRM platform empowers a sales team with sales proposal automation: cleaner, more “on-brand” proposals with optimal pricing and product configurations, that can be built, sent, and signed all from within Zoho. Learn more ›