How CPQ and CRM make a Dynamic(s) combo

According to our friends over at (where we recently posted an article on Dynamics CRM and CPQ), here are the top five benefits of using Dynamics CRM:

  1. Integration with other business technology (e.g., Outlook, Office)

  2. Customizable dashboards (for each user to more quickly see what they need to see)

  3. Data storage in a cloud-based platform

  4. Personalized customer service (users can access a range of customer communications and tailor engagement accordingly)

  5. Social tools (integrated with your CRM, you can get a more complete picture of your prospect)

That’s all well and good, you say, but why would IQX — a configure, price, quote software provider whose primary relationship to Dynamics involves integrating CPQ and CRM — detail the (already-likely-to-be-known) benefits of Dynamics to its blog readers?

Because we want to show you exactly @@how the benefits of your CRM are mirrored and supported by the benefits of your CPQ system.@@

We’ve already mastered integrating features with Dynamics; now we’re going to show you how we integrate the benefits, making IQX and Microsoft a truly dynamic combination.


1. Integration with other business technology

(e.g., iQuoteXpress)

This one is easy: we offer a single sign-on integration for Dynamics and IQX.  Users don’t have to jump back and forth between systems. Everything they need is right there in front of them


2. Customizable dashboards

This one is also easy: dashboards abound in IQX, making it easy for a sales rep to track the progress of their quotes. More importantly, this feature provides an immeasurable benefit to sales managers as they can view an individual rep’s performance within the most critical step of every sale — from proposal sent to proposal signed.



3. Data storage and hosting

It’s almost like these systems were made for each other! Just like your CRM, your CPQ solution can store contacts and customer records in the cloud, which can, among many other things, make transferring accounts (when necessary) an easy undertaking. I.e., Joe may leave the company, but Joe’s contacts will be yours forever.

But it’s not just contacts your CPQ system can store: it’s proposal templates, and a track record of which proposals — in look, feel, products, and pricing — were most effective.

IQX is basically a place where you store “Sales Proposals: Greatest Hits” so that every rep has access to winning quotes. And, because of the seamless integration of CPQ and CRM, they never have to leave Dynamics to get to them.


4. Personalized customer service

Because IQX is entirely cloud-based, anyone from anywhere (with the proper permissions, of course) can access any customer quote and provide personalized service to that customer. Joe may be on vacation, but when Joe’s prospect calls in, anyone has access to the same info Joe had and can answer any question Joe can.

Centralized, easy-to-access info enables personalized service from any rep to any prospect. The relationship between the customer and your company doesn’t skip a beat, even is a rep skips out.


5. Social tools

Ok. Here’s where the comparison falls apart a little.

CRM is an ideal place to track likes, shares, and follows of customers as you engage them. CPQ doesn’t have that functionality… and it doesn’t need it. Because a customer saying, “Yes, send me a quote” is, in our opinion, worth thousands of likes on social media. Ask any rep out there: they’ll take a signed quote over a thumbs up any day of the week.

If you'd like to learn more about this topic or see IQX for yourself with a free demo, contact us.