Best sales apps: CRM, doc sharing, quote tracking

The traveling salesman is not a myth. Most every rep has to be on the road, either from time to time, or ALL the time. But being away from the office does mean being disconnected from the business.

Reps enjoy mobile CRM apps that enable them to add contacts, track leads, and more from the road; mobile document sharing that equips them with collateral and other materials to edify themselves and persuade prospects; and mobile quote tracking software to build, send, and keep track of sales proposals.

CRM on the go

CRM systems on your phone now have all the essential functions as CRM on the desktop. On most days, a sales rep gets by with his/her phone alone.

Using mobile CRM — whether it’s Dynamics, Zoho, Salesforce, HubSpot, or any other — helps reps better manage their days (provided they have implemented calendar integration), and more quickly respond to every customer inquiry.

Additionally, with CRM on their phone, reps can add contacts and leads as they meet them (rather than uploading a bunch of business cards when they’re back in the office), access critical customer case info, and essentially run their entire line of business.

For some enterprises, the concern about mobile CRM (and mobile quote tracking and mobile… well… ANYTHING) is a perceived lack of security.

But with multi-factor authentication, VPN requirements, and most devices’ ability to automatically implement every security update, mobile devices are as secure as desktop machines. (More so, even, as most desktops don’t require a fingerprint to get started.) 

Document sharing


Accessibility is the name of the game! Collaboration is also the name of the game.

The reasons a rep needs to access documents, spreadsheets, PPTs, and collateral on the road are countless, but they all boil down to one essential driver: having the tools needed to win business.

Ideally, all a rep’s documents — whether it’s marketing collateral, contracts, sales sheets — are shared via the CRM system or another centrally administered repository. Two primary reasons:

A rep should always have the latest and greatest marketing materials and collateral a company has to offer.

And all shared documents should be managed by someone other than the rep. Not only does it save a rep’s time and let them focus on selling rather than “sales support documentation,” but in almost every case, a business does not want sales reps editing collateral or other docs on the fly… or at all.

Quote tracking software

While the aforementioned road-friendly tools and documents are important, they take a backseat to a rep being able to create, send, and track sales proposals at any time and from anywhere.

With mobile quote tracking software, a rep has his or her most important tool at their fingertips. Because it’s all about striking while the iron is hot, as these two scenarios show.

Imagine it’s a Friday afternoon, toward the end of the quarter. A rep visits a prospect, has a killer demo, and the client is ready to go.

In scenario one, the rep has a mobile sales proposal app, and creates a quote right then and there with the customer, offering an additional discount if the customer signs today.

In scenario two, the rep says, “I’ll send you a quote when I get back to the office.” 

Anyone who has ever been a part of any sale ever — on either side, buyer or seller — knows how these scenarios play out. One leads to a sale, the other leads to “thinking about it.” 

Making sales “APPen”

Driving business is about having the right tools at the right time.

With mobile CRM, you have all you need to warm-up leads and turn prospects into face-to-face sales meetings.

With mobile document sharing, you have all you need to elevate those meetings and create actual sales opportunities.

And with quote tracking software in the palm of your hand, you have all you need to close on-the-spot.