Zoho CRM customers can get more from their investment, and Zoho resellers can attract new customers, and empower existing ones, by adding iQuoteXpress’ (IQX) sales proposal automation solution to Zoho CRM.

CRM end-users will be able to save as much as 70% on quote processing times and costs with IQX as part of their solution.


For resellers:
the best value-add since “fries with that?”

For anyone selling Zoho, adding IQX to your portfolio will help you grow your customer base, and further support existing customers (as a single sign-on, it’s an easy undertaking to use IQX within Zoho CRM).


Attract new customers

Regardless of how well your customers understand CRM, everyone understands sales proposals. Leveraging prospects’ interest in moving more proposals into the pipeline via CPQ can help you sell more CRM seats.


More revenue from existing customers

Every IQX seat you sell means more additional licenses with each install. It’s extremely flexible pricing, too (starting at only three seats), which gives you a lot of wiggle room with customers.

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A natural

Your customers are already using Zoho CRM to track every marketing effort and sales call. IQX further allows them to track every interaction a rep or prospect has with an active sales proposal, from inception to completion.

iQuoteXpress and Zoho

For customers:
proposal automation, quote tracking, and more

Here’s what current and future customers can expect:


Increases in throughput and productivity

Manually tracking proposals is ineffective and inaccurate. Doing it outside Zoho can also create disconnects (more platforms, more problems).

But fully integrating a solution into Zoho (with single sign-on) to automate the creation, delivery, tracking, and closing of a quote means sales reps can spend less time on admin, and more time drumming up new business.


Zoho CRM customers can

Your customers may keep their Zoho CRM in wonderful working order, but the outside world will never know it. However, if a rep sends a sloppy or erroneous proposal, it’s available for all to see.

IQX gives reps a templated approach to building proposals, ensuring each and every one both reflects and furthers the brand your customers are trying to build.


More visibility into the pipeline

Most sales managers use CRMs to track things like leads becoming opportunities,  and opportunities becoming customers. However, in many pipelines, a critical step (the quote!) gets short shrift: 1) quote was sent;  2) quote was signed/not signed.

But there is much that happens between those two steps that can impact closing rates, and IQX helps your customers track and respond to it.

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