Quoting systems that go bump in the night

It’s Halloween. The trick or treaters have long since gone home. You’re trying to sleep. And then you hear it: something goes PING! in the night. (Ok not a bump, but a ping.)

You bolt from bed, not in fear but with delight. Because it’s not a ghostly message from the great beyond, but an email from a prospect who just received an automated reply via your quoting system… and you thought treats were just for kids in costumes.

Here are three Halloween-themed benefits a configure, price, quote (CPQ) system can deliver to every business that wants to send frights to its competition.


Why a quoting system is like a zombie

If you’ve seen any zombie movie, you know that persistence is their primary attribute: they just keep coming. By automating most every step of the process, a sales proposal automation system can provide you with “automatic persistence.”

Every sales rep knows that it’s not enough to simply reply to an RFP with a quote. You need to follow-up that sales quote with a check-in and another check-in, an immediate response to every inquiry, and a speedy update if the prospect requests it.

Each one of these steps takes time, but a sales quoting solution can automate most of them, ensuring that you have do very little to be persistent in your follow-up and in closing each prospect. You’ll be as persistent as a zombie! (Disclaimer: we doubt that slogan will catching on any time soon.)


CPQ treats competitors the way Dracula treats his guests

With a quoting system pre-populated with vibrant proposal templates and with a point-and-click product and pricing configuration engine at its heart, you’ll make the competition’s proposals look cold and lifeless… like one of the count’s countless victims.

And say what you will about Dracula and his dietary no-nos: he was smooth and persuasive with everyone he met. Your CPQ solution lets you put out proposals that are professionally designed and vertically targeted, quotes that look good and sound good to each prospect, persuasive on every page.

With CPQ your proposals will be lively and stand apart from the crowd, helping you to (failed slogan #2 coming up) be as persuasive as Dracula.


Like a man into a werewolf, CPQ transforms CRM

What person wouldn’t like to revel in the hirsute hijinks of becoming a werewolf? Other than, well, most of us. But one thing is clear in every werewolf movie ever made: when the transformation is complete, the werewolf is far more powerful than the man could have ever hoped to be.

In the same way (albeit less hairy and bloodthirsty), integrating a quoting system into your CRM system transforms and empowers it as it allows you to send quotes — easily the most important step in any Customer Relationship you Manage — right from within your platform.

Because the strength of most CRM systems is in tracking relationships, not sales quotes. But when you add CPQ to CRM with a single sign-on — whether it’s Zoho, Dynamics, Salesforce, or anything else — you give your CRM a new and necessary strength (the strength of a werewolf!) in building, sending, and tracking sales proposals.

(Persistent as a zombie. Persuasive as Dracula. Strong as a werewolf. Three catchphrases that will never catch on. You can’t say we didn’t try: Happy Halloween!)