5 Ways to Improve Your B2B Sales

B2B sales are critical to the success of any business. The excitement surrounding new leads is real, but so is the pressure to close some deals — so how do you break ahead of the pack and bring in new clients?

To help you achieve sales superstar status at your company, we’ve compiled a list of 5 critical ways to ensure you land that next big client:


1. Establish a criteria for quality clients

Not all clients are made the same. Some need to be prioritized before others; but how do you tell the difference? The answer differs across businesses, which is why your company should develop a criteria for ideal leads. Once you’ve established where your priorities lie, you can start making a smarter investment of time. The aim shouldn’t be about volume, but quality and impact.


2. Talk shop, show ROI

While you don’t want to get too technical, it is important to give clients a sense not only of how your service or product works with theirs but also how it will impact them. A regular customer buying a product might not be as interested in the numbers, but showing a rigorous analysis of how you can maximize a business’s ROI makes a huge difference to a CEO.


3. It’s a dialogue, not a pitch

You may be trying to sell a product, but you don’t need to do this alone. One of your biggest assets in the room is the potential buyer. They love to talk about their own product and service—their success as well as their problems....listen carefully. They turned to you to determine if you can help them with their pain points. Navigate. Drawing them into your pitch, make the sale a more dynamic experience for the buyer.


4. Streamline the Proposal Process

If it takes you days to send the client a proposal, you may lose all you’ve gained. An effective proposal requires a comprehensive breakdown of services while including pertinent information regarding the client, your company’s pricing, and overall costs—to name some. Having all of this information in one place, then, is critical to expediting the delivery of that proposal.

To this end, CPQ software such as iQuoteXpress helps streamline the proposal process, making putting together all the necessary information as simple as a few clicks.


5. Follow through after Delivery

Half the battle is the follow-through. Once you’ve sent the potential client a solid proposal, keep in contact! Any gap in communication can kill a deal. Make sure you let them know they can reach out to you with questions and concerns. If they get back to you, answer immediately!


And of course, make sure to land the order. Better yet, open a discussion of next steps as well! Just because you’ve left the conference room doesn’t mean the dialogue is over.

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