Bringing out the best in your business starts with a quoting system

A good sales team is full of creativity: each member finds creative solutions to old problems and creative ways to close new prospects. But it's possible for your team to be too creative—if each member of the sales team is doing everything their own way, they stop really being a team. For them to work together, some parts of the sales process must be consistent.

But by integrating an automated quoting system into your sales process, you can make sure that your team is both creative and consistent in the ways you want. CPQ software automates the parts of your sales process that benefit from consistency, leaving creativity to the other parts of the sales process.

Here's why automating certain parts of your sales process can help your sales team—and therefore your business—work at its creative best.

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1. Quoting systems give your team time to be creative.

Let's face it: as much as we like being creative, there are certain parts of your business where creativity could lead to disaster.

For instance, when your sales team is writing the details of a new quote, you don't want creative pricing or creative math—you want to make sure that everything is right and all the numbers accurately reflect the current state of your business.

When it comes to this humdrum side of the proposal process where there's no room for creativity, you want your sales team to be able to finish accurately and as quickly as possible. CPQ solutions make that possible. Integrated into your business, they incorporate up to the minute changes to make sure that each proposal you submit shows your business at its best.

And the faster you can generate proposals, the more time your sales team will have to do what it does best: finding creative ways to close.

Quote building tips

2. Quoting systems keep your proposals looking good.

Even if your sales team has been with your business for a long time, each member probably has his or her own touch when it comes to drawing up proposals.

Maybe Jim likes Template A while Jane likes Template B. Or maybe Jane likes to put her contact info on the left while Jim likes to put his on the right. Regardless of the forms these different preferences take, they mean that in little ways your proposals are reflecting your sales reps instead of your overall business.

But the way your proposals look is important—you want them to show your business at its best. And even more, you want your proposals to have a consistent look so that, over time, your clients will know they have a proposal from you before they've even read a word.

Quoting tools can create that proposal look for you, and then automate the writing process so that Jim and Jane send out proposals that look the same.

@@Conserve your creativity and handle the boring parts of sales with a quoting system.@@

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