How to win friends and influence sales with quote generator software

You may tell people that you're in the widget business, but we know better: you're in the people business. And how do we know that you're in the people business? Because you're in sales.

Sales are about people—if you want to be good at sales, you have to also be good at managing your relationships with people. @@Quote generator software can help manage business relationships and keep clients happy@@. That the software also helps you send out better proposals faster is just an added bonus.

Here's how CPQ software can help you maintain your relationships (and then sell more of those widgets).

CPQ software benefits 1

1. Quote generator software helps you schedule and track your communications

Given that most sales teams don't have a lot of face to face contact with clients these days, it is essential that you perfect your communications strategy. Quote generator software tailored to the needs of your business can help with just that from the beginning to the end of the sales process.

First the software can help with the proposal itself—and what is the proposal but the most important part of the communication process? The software can make sure that you get a good-looking and accurate proposal into the prospect's hands right on schedule—no more letting things fall through the cracks.

But there is more communication that you need beyond just the initial proposal. Suppose your beautiful, flawless proposal is met with silence—what then? Well, the best thing is likely a kind follow-up offering to help your prospect if they have any further questions. With your sales team's communications built into the software, you can make sure that not too much time passes before you send out a friendly note. This note, of course, is your chance to further strengthen those relationships (and move those widgets!).

And even if your business hasn't had any trouble managing communications before (and we salute you for it!), quote management software can still help make your sales team more effective by offering a consistent and beautiful look to all communications. Remember: never miss a chance to help strengthen your brand.

CPQ software benefits 2

2. Quote generator software helps you build relationships—even after you convert

Many if not most businesses rely more on on keeping repeat buyers happy than on bringing in and converting new prospects. Communications with existing customers may be the most important communications your business sends out.

Quote generator software makes it easy to maintain those relationships. Depending on the needs of your business, you can schedule periodic letters or set up reminders for your sales team to make calls. You can send out Christmas cards and thank you cards. Or perhaps, most important of all, you can follow-up and find out if your clients are happy with their purchase—and if not what you can do to fix the situation and keep them coming back.

Whatever your business needs to keep those relationships going strong, quote generator software can help you make and strengthen relationships. And that will help you keep the widgets going out the door.

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