The best quoting software is the one that’s best for your business

We were recently asked, “What’s the best quoting software?” Yes, we’re biased and think iQuoteXpress (IQX) is at the top of the list—flexible enough to work with most any CRM, CPQ features robust enough for Fortune 100s but also a fit for SMBs, and pricing that makes the competition say, “How can we beat that?!?”

But “best” is a tricky word. Because in the end @@the best quoting software is the one that’s the best fit for your business needs@@. E.g., if you sold only cement mixers and there was a proposal automation tool that came with a pre-configured cloud catalog and templates for all-things-cement-mixer, that would probably be the best choice for you.

Regardless of the quoting software you choose to deploy, ensure it has the following five features.

Quote building tips 1

1: Easy-to-Customize Proposal Templates

The best quoting software always comes with a few templates you can use to build proposals. Ensure you can easily customize to add your logo, your prospect’s logo (more importantly), business graphics that help sell your offer, and color schemes and more that reflect your brand. You want to ensure your proposal “pops” visually, and being free to customize your template is a necessity. (IQX’s templates are easy to customize—no design skills required!)

2: Cloud Catalog for Products and Services

Keeping all your products and services in a centrally managed, cloud-based repository delivers immediate and lasting business benefits: all your reps using the latest information; reps learning from each other’s successes in terms of what makes a good upsell for this product or that one; and everyone always sending prospects the latest, most accurate pricing.

Quote building tips 3

3: Contact Management

The only constant in the business world is change. We’ve all made a sales call to Joe Smith only to hear someone else pick up and say, “Joe doesn’t work here anymore.” But with a contact management system built into your quoting software, records are easier to manage and update. Additionally, you can store information that will help you close the sale. E.g., “Joe Smith is a big-time Yankees fan, so avoid saying ‘Yankees suck!’ (if you can).”

4: Analytics/Reporting

Where’s Quote A right now? How many proposals does Rep B have in the pipeline? Whatever happened with Company C? One of the best benefits of any quoting software is the ability to get a bird’s eye view of quotes in the pipeline, and the performance of your reps. Simple dashboards showing progress—or lack thereof—give team leaders immediate, actionable insights.

Quote building tips 2

5: As Much Support as You Require

Not all quoting software is created equally. In addition to delivering all the above, IQX pulls away from the pack by delivering more, and more complete, support in our Professional and Pro-Plus offerings. You shouldn’t need a B.S. in computer science to send quotes and proposals, so IQX is simple enough to use “right out of the box” (having been designed by salespeople like you) and includes a level of support simply not found in other solutions.

If you'd like to see IQX for yourself with a free demo, contact us.