You've been hitting the target—now hit the bullseye

Since you're considering project proposal software, you’re probably trying to address a common challenge most companies face in driving new revenue. Sometimes your proposals hit the mark, but sometimes they don't. That's okay—nobody wins them all.

But if nobody wins them all, that means your business can always strive to convert at a better and better rate. And for many businesses the way to do that is automating CPQ with iQuoteXpress (IQX).

With the right software at hand to help you craft those proposals, you can hone and perfect them for each audience—with our project proposal software, you won't just hit the mark more often, you'll be hitting bullseyes.

Here's how we can help you improve your quoting process.

CPQ software benefits1

1. Get the right content into the right hands

Let's face it—if you run a good business (and we're confident that you do because you read this blog) you probably have a lot of good things to say about it. Not in a bragging kind of way, but in a this is what we do kind of way. And that's a good thing—even if it can get in the way of your proposals.

You’re probably asking yourself, “How can being good at what we do get in the way?” Simple: chances are that each prospect you send a proposal to is looking for something very specific from you. Even if you're the best at delivering disposable widgets in the four state area, perhaps this client is actually keen on renewables. Using your proposal to share your prowess with disposable widgets may not be a winning strategy with such prospects.

But CPQ software can help! With easily customized templates, you can quickly reposition your business and your offer and make sure you're sending out the right content on the right proposal to the right prospect. And the more precisely you can tailor the content of your proposal, the more likely you are to hit that bullseye.

CPQ software benefits 2

2. The key to a good proposal is the key to a good joke—timing

So hopefully we've made the case that project proposal software can have you sending out better proposals that help you convert at a higher rate. But just having the right proposal is only half the battle—you have to get it there at the right time. No sense in being a day late and a dollar short!

IQX can help with this side of the process as well. The software can keep you on a timetable with quote tracking and reporting features that help ensure you're never late with the proposal or with a follow-up. Get the proposal in on time—every time.

Further, you can keep all of your communication in one place, so that everyone on your sales team remains on the same page regardless of what surprises come your way. And when everyone knows what’s next, no one misses a thing: your prospects get their proposals on time, your reps are following up on time, and new revenue arrives on time.

@@CPQ software: the right content at the right time in the right hands.@@

We hope you enjoyed this post. If you'd like to learn more about this topic or see IQX for yourself with a free demo, contact us.