BYOD & SaaS – Match made in the Clouds

The newest trend to hit the business world is BYOD, or Bring Your Own Device. BYOD is a hotly debated issue, but for iQuotexpress it promises to be only a good thing. Why BYOD and iQuotexpress are such a good match becomes clear when both the trend and the technology […] Read more »

How to prospect with LinkedIn

Although sales events represent a tremendous opportunity to get introduced to future customers, connecting with 40,000+ attendees seems like a mission impossible movie. Despite that challenge, you end up leaving those venues with more prospect names than the average sales rep could handle and are figuring out the best way […] Read more »

Dreamforce & the CPQ Category

We had a great time at Dreamforce. There were quite a few sessions involving CPQ, but make no mistake about which tool is right for your company. Read more »

Why you don’t want to miss Dreamforce ’12

Dreamforce is undeniably the Cloud Computing industry Event of the Year. This conference hosted by Salesforce welcomes SaaS companies and other B2B marketers from all over the world. Just imagine 750+ sessions, 350+ partners, a host of hands-on-training and executive briefings, all in one place. As a Salesforce partner, iQuote […] Read more »

Customized Cloud Software

There is a general misconception about the inability of all cloud software to be customized. Enterprise software companies are clinging onto this misconception for a number of reasons but mainly because their products are customized. Software giants are facing a harsh reality if their products aren’t progressing to the next […] Read more »

Ethos, Pathos & Logos – Modes of Persuasion

iQuote Xpress’s Friday Blog – A philosophy lesson in disguise. When delivering a presentation there are may be several things going through your mind. If you’re staying focused and you’ve had plenty of practice, you are probably focused on making eye contact and remembering all of your talking points. Practice […] Read more »

Sales Fails – How to Avoid Making Sales Mistakes

iQuote Xpress knows sales. We know that sales battles can be won or lost by the slightest of errors so we are glad to introduce the Friday Sales Fails blog. Every Friday we will have a new tip on how to avoid common sales team problems. So let’s jump right […] Read more »